App for iOS, MotoGP History 2002-2011, in-depth analysis (I)
App for iOS, MotoGP History 2002-2011, in-depth analysis (I)

Today we bring you to Motorpasión Moto the Dorna Sports application, MotoGP History 2002-2011. Available for iOS platform common to iPhone or iPad devices, as its name suggests, it reviews the top category of the Mudial of Motorcycling from 2002 to 2011, both included, being in practice, more than an application, a whole portable encyclopedia at your fingertips in multimedia format with videos and photos.

At a time when we are changing our information and entertainment habits, adapting them to current economic conditions, the 3.99 euros that this program costs may seem excessive taking into account that the bulk of downloads on the iOS platform is around one euro in cost. But it is worth it that we start at the end, its price, and make it clear that with a such a simple and practical interface where the important thing is the content that it offers, this application I think is worth what they ask us for it. Let's take a closer look at it below.

MotoGP History

As I said before, its graphical interface and ease of use is noteworthy. There are no menus and sub menus full of flourishes and effects that the only thing that they achieve is to complicate our lives and slow down our navigation. It is the opposite, its handling is easy and intuitive even for people who are not used to using iPhone or iPad type devices.

Of course, the application it is written in english and there are no options to select other languages. It must be said that thanks to the large amount of information in table format, such as classifications, this detail is not an inconvenience nor an insurmountable obstacle that does not allow us to enjoy its content. In addition, Dorna Sports has left a note in the iTunes App Store where it says that the Spanish language will be available in the next update.

MotoGP History

The main screen It is the one you see in the first photograph that illustrates this article. Divide its content into three parts by events or circuits, motorcycles and riders. All these items, with the common denominator of an upper bar in which to select the year you want to consult. Depending on the chosen item, more options are accessed that we will see below with a simple press to return to the previous menu.

But in all cases, we will always keep in mind the possibility of selecting a specific year to consult no need to go back to the previous menu or panel. It's that simple, the rest is outright information in results table formats, photos or videos. In the latter case, to watch the videos you need to have an internet connection.

In this way, in the second photograph we see that we are inside the menu events or circuits. We have selected the South African GP from the list on our left. Once this selection is made, we see the basic data of the circuit, year of construction, length and curves to the right or left. And as I mentioned earlier, that horizontal bar with the years in which we can go from one season to another without having to go backwards in the interface.

MotoGP History

Look at that photo, the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 come in a slightly stronger color to indicate that they can be selected. The rest of the years it cannot be done as no Grand Prix was held on that circuit. AND that handy selection bar is the strong point of this application.

In the next two photographs we see the tables that we access through two pull-down tabs-buttons, we are still in events or circuits. We have information on the results of the 2002 race and using the horizontal bar, we jump directly to the same results but from the year 2004 in case we want to compare them. It also offers in the same year the starting grid configuration, (starting grid) to check against the final result, (race result).

In next days we will see in depth the sections of motorcycles, pilots, access to the videos provided by this application and our final assessment with the most detailed details positive and negative that we have discovered by using it.

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