Midweek technical stop
Midweek technical stop

There are times when a video catches your eye without really knowing why. As is the case with this video that I bring you today and that we could almost classify as a moment of relaxation or stopping in the middle of the week to regain strength and finish what we have left until the weekend. In this case, it is not a modern motorcycle doing pirouettes or running on a circuit, but rather a Matchless G80CS from 1961 rolling on the roads of California in the hands of its owner, who is the one who has uploaded the video to You Tube.

The music also accompanies, although the accreditation to the authors does not appear anywhere, we could almost classify it as one of those relaxing music that you hear when entering a store that smells intensely of incense or other burned herbs. The pity is that among the images in the video we can see some pine groves that were surely burned in the fires of last summer, and that smell is not the kind that relaxes anyone in their right mind.

How to point the Matchless G80CS It is a motorcycle from the tumultuous 1960s / 1970s on the British industrial scene. Moment when brands almost changed ownership from one day to the next and Norton, AJS, Matchless, Triumph joined and disunited. We are going to see if I am able to collect reliable information and we dedicate an article to this brand to bring a little light to the very interesting time and as I say convulsed with unions, mergers, takeovers and other movements.

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