Italian trial rider Diego Bosis dies
Italian trial rider Diego Bosis dies

The world of trials is in mourning for the death of the Italian rider from Bergamo, Diego Bosis, yesterday the 14th. The cause, a heart attack while traveling on a train. Retired from top competition, but not disengaged from trials, he leaves us on Valentine's Day with only 44 years of age. Forget the redundancy, a in love with trial as demonstrated in the courses of this discipline that he had been teaching recently.

Says goodbye to us the best trialero pilot that Italy has given with a very bright honors especially between the years 1985 and 1993 where it achieves its greatest successes. Six Italian championships, one victory in the trial of the nations of 1987, twice runner-up in the trial world, (1987-1990), and a runner-up in the indoor modality, (1993), are your achievements.

We end this article with a video of one of the courses taught by Diego Bosis. Rest in peace this great champion.

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