Horex VR6 production begins
Horex VR6 production begins

They announced it at the beginning of November of this past year 2011. Horex I could not specify the exact date but they predicted that at the beginning of this year 2012 the first units of the Horex VR6 would begin to be assembled at its facilities in Augsburg and that moment has come for this very German-style naked cruiser with its particular 1200cc six-cylinder engine.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland currently have establishments authorized to sell the Horex VR6 Although new dealerships will be added as production increases, of which they do not yet say the number of specific units per day that they can produce. Given the almost handmade character of the assembly of the Horex VR6 And that can almost be done, à la carte, in the factory they only pronounce with a "some daily units" in this sense.

Horex production

The Horex manufacturing method features four work sections with the chassis as the protagonist in the first step followed by the engine, electrical part and other components. The maxim is followed to the letter: a man, a motorcycle. This means that a complete unit of the Horex VR6 It is built from start to finish by a single operator.

But not only that, according to HorexThis operator is in charge of putting in the first screw to passing the motorcycle through the test bench once it is finished. It is the method that, according to this German manufacturer, can give the highest manufacturing quality standards. Quality over quantity seems to be the motto of Horex that recognizes not being in a rush in production and preferring the sales model in which the bike is pre-ordered by the buyer, which allows you to modify it to your liking.

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