Superbikes 2012: Carlos Checa takes the jack to the water on the last day
Superbikes 2012: Carlos Checa takes the jack to the water on the last day

On the last day of practice at Phillip Island Carlos Checa has once again been the fastest, although Tom Sykes has kept up the pace imposed by the Catalan. Just one tenth separated Checa from the Kawasaki when both had been riding on race tires. It seems that the asphalt temperature was not ideal, but despite this, Carlos has managed to match the best race lap recorded so far, which obviously corresponds to Troy Bayliss since 2007. That lap could be lowered by just over a second. With the qualifying tires mounted, we will be looking forward to the first round at the end of the month.

Highlights of this last day the return to the head positions of Leon Haslam although with a bit of "cheating"It was thanks to the softest tires available, the qualifying tires. This means that Haslam is still far from the new favorites when it comes to race pace. And by new favorites I mean the pair of Green Ninjas who have been showing their teeth from day one. It is evident that Sykes has done a great job but we also see how Joan Lascorz has not stopped improving and if we do not have in terms of Leon, he would have in his hands the fourth best time, two tenths behind Max Biaggi. Certainly few things would make us happier than having the Kawasaki back, even more so knowing that it is the Spanish Motocard team and Joan Lascorz who are behind them.

Joan Lascorz on Phillip Island

It didn't take long for Josh Brookes to hit the track and today he was able to take a few laps with the John Hopkins Suzuki GSX-R1000. It would not be very fair to compare his newcomer times with those of the rest after three days of shooting but the lap given in 1'34.5 would place him within three tenths of the top 10 of the first day. Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement for the Australian who said he was somewhat disappointed by the pace he had achieved but motivated to keep going.

Finally, highlight a new fall of Eugene Laverty accompanied by injury to the left hand; fracture in the third metacarpal. And is that some riders have stressed that the Australian asphalt was too cold in depending on which areas, including the very fast first corner where Hopper and Laverty have fallen. Knowing the route we are grateful that nothing more serious has happened. By the way, there were more falls, due to the incursion of animals in the circuit, including an adventurous kangaroo.

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