The Derbi factory in Martorelles already has an expiration date
The Derbi factory in Martorelles already has an expiration date

As I read on, Derbi's factory in Martorelles already has an expiration date. If something close to an economic miracle does not happen, on July 31, 2012 the facilities will be closed and the 164 workers will go on strike. Despite the agreements reached between Piaggio and the Generalitat de Catalunya, the factory will close because no funding has been found to keep it open and the regional government, in the midst of a whirlwind of economic cuts, cannot (and will not) take over the funding needed to move forward.

According to union sources this violates a few previously signed agreements, transforming them into wet paper. But as a powerful gentleman he is a gift of money and in this case that gentleman was absent a while ago, the agreements are no longer worth more than the word of those who signed them and almost not even that. The only option that seems to be left to the workers is that the strike called for next February 29 have enough impact in the media. But it seems to me that not even for that reason the factory will be saved, if perhaps they could prolong its agony a little longer. Because the name will continue to live integrated into the Piaggio Group.

It is very sad that the factory is disappearing, but it is even sadder to see how those 164 workers are going to find their bones in the street at this very serious time. Damn crisis, damn wordless politicians and damn businessmen for whom an income statement is worth more than the employment of a person.

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