Sportsman Flyer Racer Is it a bicycle, is it a moped? no, it is a current Board Tracker
Sportsman Flyer Racer Is it a bicycle, is it a moped? no, it is a current Board Tracker

The Board Track Races they were a type of competition very in vogue in the USA in the twenties and thirties of the last century. They consisted of motorcycle races and sometimes cars on an oval track with a wooden floor. Hence its name. At that time the motorcycles used were very rudimentary, almost without suspensions and almost without brakes. The worst thing about these motorcycles is that today, almost a hundred years later, they are difficult to find and the prices are something to think about.

Trying to expand your bike collection Pat dolan He started looking for a Schwinn Whizzer, but then he realized that what he was looking for had become fashionable to build Board Tracker with modern engines. A kind of mopeds with a classic look. So when he got one Whizzer Panther he started his imagination to make his own. Good thing Pat has CAD knowledge and metal fabrication skills.

Sportsman Flyer Racer

Apparently the engine installation was not too much trouble, but the tank needed a little more skill to make it and fit it in the lower area of ​​the upper tube of the chassis. And how could it be otherwise, immediately his friends began to ask where this had come from and even to order him. The Sportsman Flyer Company had just been born.

Taking a look at their website we can find almost everything, from motorcycles Complete for about $ 3,000, chassis manufactured specifically with its front fork for $ 1,250 or engines from about $ 660. Forks, handlebars, tanks, a whole store in order to make the motorcycle you want. Of course, do not even think about driving on the street, because it is not what Pat had in mind when he began his creation.

Here you have some photos from his Flickr to give you an idea of ​​his Board Tracker.

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