Mule Stealth, a Sportster in the purest flat track style
Mule Stealth, a Sportster in the purest flat track style

The preparation that I bring you today is made by the preparer Mule Motorcycles And as I have seen it, it has caught my attention so much that I have decided to share it with you. The truth is that it is not striking for any particular detail but perhaps that is precisely the fact that it does not stand out in anything makes it even more striking. Well, I love motorcycles with a flat track aesthetic. It's about the Mule Stealth.

The bike was commissioned by Matthew day jackson, a famous designer and to make it, he started from a chassis of a Harley davidson sportster. The entire subframe has been completely modified as well as the engine, which has seen increased its cubic capacity from the original 1,202cc to 1,460cc. The fuel system has also been touched by installing an S&S brand kit for the carburetor.

Mule Stealth

The tires of this Mule Stealth They are from the Morris brand, they have seven sticks and a Paioli fork is hugged in the front part while behind it it mounts a Racetech shock absorber system. As for the brakes, these are signed by Brembo. The rest of the elements, such as the small body and fuel tank, are practically all made specifically for the motorcycle.

According Mule Motorcycles, they have two other identical motorcycles under construction, one already owned and the other not. So if he has made you dick like me, at the end of the gallery you have the link to the preparer's page. For making it easy for you not to be.

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