Wolfman Luggage, a solution to transport your luggage
Wolfman Luggage, a solution to transport your luggage

If you are one of those who usually travel by motorcycle, you will have the typical problem of suitcases, those artifacts that fulfill their role and make it easier for us to move luggage, but on the one hand they are usually quite expensive and on the other they make the motorcycle quite ugly whether they are you wear as if not. We are not going to talk about the aesthetic aspect today, but about the practical aspect, because people from Wolfman Luggage They have achieved a very interesting suitcase system to transport our luggage in case you go on a trip.

And be careful, because we are not talking about the waterproof canvas sacks, which I think are contemporary with the trunk of the Piquer, if not with the ingenious anchoring system to the motorcycle by means of straps and buckles. A system that after watching the demonstration video I think is one of the simplest I have ever seen and one of the most versatile, although they are focused on motorcycles such as the Triumph Tiger 800 XC or the BMW R 1200 GS and some more, they also give you options to mount the bags that are sold without the side supports, or directly on the tank, but these systems lose the practicality of the side bags.

Although the video is in English, the operation of the entire system is very well understood, including the precautions that must be taken when placing the bags well centered on the support. The basic price of the system is about $ 90 for the bags and straps, plus the side supports, which depending on the motorcycle model varies from $ 215 to $ 305 for the most expensive. The last straw comes when snooping around the web of Wolfman Luggage You find that in these racks you can add extra 1 gallon (3.78 liters) tanks in addition to luggage and that these tanks can also be quickly removed by just turning them a quarter turn. The no more comes when on these accessory deposits you can continue installing the luggage bags. The downside is that in this way the back of your motorcycle will gain a few extra kilos and a few inches in total width. But autonomy will also go according to that gain.

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