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Ducati 1199 S Panigale, the first contact of the international press
Ducati 1199 S Panigale, the first contact of the international press

I'm sorry to start like this, but no, we couldn't be in Abu Dhabi, although we can tell you that it wasn't. During last week the international presentation of the Ducati 1199 Panigale was held at the Yas Marina circuit. Taking into account the temperatures that we have been suffering in Europe, the decision of Gabriele del Torchio and company to move to the United Arab Emirates to show off the latest of their works seems the most successful. Dozens and dozens of units of the latest Italian superbike in its S version they were prepared to leave the best possible sensation in the numerous invited media.

In four sessions journalists from half the world got on the Panigale ready to be surprised for a revolutionary motorcycle from its basic concept. I have to admit that at some point I have thought that perhaps this revolution that Ducati brought us was perhaps not such or, at least, not so much. With this doubt, with this critical thought in mind, I launched myself to read and listen to the opinions of the most expert, prepared and objective personnel available to us.

We have prepared a large dose of adrenaline for this week but for now, after the jump, we get fully involved with La Panigale and the first contact with the press.

In Great Britain: WOW

A Ducati more powerful than ever

First of all, go ahead the recommendation to read the original articles of the media that we cite today and that I leave at the end of the post for your enjoyment. And there goes the first, Motorcyclenews. The people of MCN did not hesitate when choosing the person in charge of the test. He is someone that we have already seen in Motorpasión Moto aboard the Ducati 1198 but who has an unparalleled experience. Michel Neeves has, as they say, bare ass from riding a motorcycle. He has taken everything and, what is better, he has shown us week after week on MCN's YouTube channel. From the most cutting-edge superbike to the old legends of the 90's. He is a difficult character to surprise.

Wow … it didn't last long. First day, contact and Michael has found no words. It has been just three laps behind Troy Bayliss but he has already realized the main thing. Although the Panigale is not like the rest of the Ducatis that has carried It seems very short, changes direction very easily and does not waste power at a specific point but divides it by a wide range of revolutions - like the rest of Ducatis -. Most of us will agree with Neeves that when you drive a twin it often doesn't feel as fast as we are actually going, does it? Well that feeling has disappeared and in its place we find the impression of very go fast. Like when you drive a 125cc or 250cc two-stroke and feel that there cannot be a faster bike in the place - until the Japanese on duty rips the stickers off you as soon as it has a bit of a straight -.

Michael Neeves with the Panigale

Or maybe it's getting older, although I don't think so. The server refuses to think that everything is positive and the colleagues from Visordown. This time it is Ben cope the one in charge of transmitting sensations. A guy with an enviable resume who has brought out the colors of many of the current sports. Someone who, judging from his opinion pieces, he's not afraid to speak his mind, or feel:

When Gabriele Del Torchio said almost two years ago that they were fully involved in a groundbreaking project that had little or nothing to do with the Ducati 1198 I was not saying it just to say. At Motorpasión Moto we have already stripped the Panigale from top to bottom and it has become clear to us that, at least in theory, this is so - As Maldini would say … -. He emphasizes that it is a motorcycle that has little or nothing to do with that motorcycle that was showcased in Superbikes, it is no longer an improved 916, 998, 999 or 1098. It is an absolutely different idea.

As we said, there have been four sessions that these lucky guys have enjoyed to discover the secrets of 1199. One after another, the Italian superbike has never ceased to amaze you and as he went around he felt better and better. It is curious, and pleasant, to see how he agrees with Michael Neeves on an important aspect: It does not look like a twin cylinder, but it still maintains the qualities of these; good torque, usable power and a spectacular sound.

It explains in a very personal way how one feels on board this Ducati. And it is that, in his opinion, is like when you use a friend's state-of-the-art computer; you get mixed up with a different keyboard, you don't know where each thing is but in a short time you've already done it. That feeling of not knowing how to use resources is reflected in, to name a moment, the first time you use the breaks what he says was as if someone had put an iron bar between the spokes of the front wheel.

Brakes work perfectly

In Germany: precious electronics

I don't need to tell you anything about the personality of the Germans or their love for the motor world. They are different, although it sounds like a cliché, they have a much colder character than the rest and when they are at the controls of a car or a motorcycle they seek, above all, pure effectiveness, perfection and the synchronicity of the whole set. Maybe that's why What has most surprised the people of MotorZeitung has been the efficiency of an electronics That much has to thank Bosch. This is partly the one responsible for the momentum from 7000 laps to 11,500 being digestible by the rider and thus be able to enjoy every kilometer of asphalt.

They refer to geometry and posture, something certainly important. The 52/48 weight distribution of the front and rear axle brings with it a natural and somewhat comfortable position, aided by a low but wide semi-handlebar that aids the handling of the Ducati. A point that we can see in action in the video left by the German version of Motorcycling, Motorrad.

In Italy she is already the apple of their eyes … and wears a beautiful dress

Imagine how they are in Italy right now. Honestly, it had been years since his motorcycle industry had such a good situation. A streak that began with the Ducati Monster 696, continued with the Aprilia RSV4 and the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and aims to reach its highest point with the Panigale and the MV Agusta F3. It is being, why not say it, the modern golden age of Italian motorcycles.

Our friends from Motoblog They have sent Gianluca to comment in practically real time what their feelings have been, with no time to lose. Once again what has attracted attention has been the ability of this sport to move with enviable agility. An aspect that, combined with the magnificent development of power from 7000 rpm, becomes a quality capable of making a difference or winning a race.

Like the father who cannot help but hide his smile when he sees the successes of his offspring, Italians do not know how to stop being surprised by his work. After all one begins to believe that he is in front of a motorcycle that has broken schemes, which has once again made Ducati synonymous with superbike, regaining the world benchmark factory throne.

I would like to be able to deny it but it is impossible, if I have to declare something this February 14, I declare my love for the Panigale. Of course, tomorrow at this time, at Motorpasión Moto, We will go straight to the action with Troy Bayliss, ready to finish awakening whoever is still asleep.

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