Enduropale Le Touquet 2012: victory for Jean Claude Mousse
Enduropale Le Touquet 2012: victory for Jean Claude Mousse

New edition of the Enduropale Le Touquet, that almost crazy race that is held every year in the French town of Le Touque and that this year managed to bring together 1,040 pilots at the starting line. The winner after three hours and eleven minutes of racing was the 41-year-old Frenchman Jean Claude Mousse on the back of a Yamaha, and winner already in 1999 and 2004 and in leading positions every year.

Behind him Nicolas Aubin reached the finish line in second position, but would be disqualified. Tanel leok This was done with the second position while Milko potisek completed the podium. But this year's Enduropale Le Touquet will be remembered for another reason and that is that the Siberian wave that hit Europe this past week left its white blanket of snow on the sand, offering a wonderful picture … for us who are comfortably seated here.

It's more, David hauquier, in charge of designing the circuit this year could not help but shout when at 5:30 in the morning it began to snow and it reached the ten centimeters thick. Luckily, the ground was not frozen and as soon as dawn they mobilized three snowplows that, by chance, were not necessary to clear the roads of the city. At one o'clock the track was ready to run but the mercury was off scale: - 5ºC.

Enduropale Le Touquet 2012

Adrien van beveren he was the one who got the holeshot and who managed to take the lead throughout the first lap, but with Nicolas Aubin, Jean Claude Mousse and Tanel Leok on his heels. After an hour of racing, Nicolas Aubin surpassed Adrien Van Beveren and the problems begin for the German, who ends up going to the ground although he can continue in the race with a damaged front brake disc.

Twenty minutes later Jean Claude Mousse reaches and surpasses Nicolas Aubin, maintaining a magnificent battle the two pilots. When the two hours are about to be completed, the mishap that will mark the result of Nicolas Aubin occurs: 300 meters from the pit lane, he runs out of gas and is helped by some fans who push the motorcycle to his box. This action, which violates the regulation, would later cost you disqualification and the loss of second place.

The last laps are heart attack since Jean Claude Mousse does not gain enough of an advantage over his pursuers to take the race in stride and even it goes to the ground twice although he is capable of retaking the march and maintaining the leadership until the checkered flag. Tanel Leok tried a different strategy, performing four refuels instead of the mandatory three, but was unable to make up for lost time on the latter.

Podium Enduropale Le Touquet 2012

And of course, the best for last. The video summary of the career:

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