Joy Ride, a spectacular short with a walking protagonist
Joy Ride, a spectacular short with a walking protagonist

Joy Ride is a short film directed by Sandro Miller, a famous photographer who has worked for companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Adidas and Microsoft or for media such as Forbes, Time, Wired, GQ or The New Yorker. He has also received numerous awards throughout his career. You can imagine that with such a curriculum what we will see today in the form of videos does not have any waste. Thanks in large part to having chosen ua story that could well be mine, or yours. Your routine or mine.

The faces and streets of Chicago at dusk They share the limelight with the anonymous man who rides a BMW S1000RR that moves like a fish in water. Among the characteristics of the short we find that it has been shot entirely with a Nikon D800, a machine that you can see working on the video "behind the cameras" that I put for you after viewing. It should also be said that Sandro has worked for Nikon so that you will only see praise.

Anyway, after watching Joy Ride, you don't know if you want to become a doctor, buy the camera … or a BMW S1000RR like the guy's.

One last thing, it just so happened that when I played this short, a song that I put below will start at the same time. During the beginning it fits so well that I even realized what was happening until I listened to the music from the video itself. Try lowering the volume a bit on Vimeo while leaving the song playing, it is most curious to see how scenes and rhythm changes coincide.

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