Juan Pérez de la Torre caresses the 2012 national cross country title
Juan Pérez de la Torre caresses the 2012 national cross country title

Juan Pérez de la Torre has managed to prevail in the fourth appointment of the Spanish Cross Country Championship 2012 held in the Cáceres town of Malpartida, and with this there are already three victories that he has carried throughout the season, which allows him to emerge as the favorite to take the title, in the absence of only one test for the end of the championship.

Again Jaume betriu, with his Husaberg, he was behind the KTM and had to settle for the second step of the podium while the local driver also from Husaberg, David garcia, He had a magnificent race, which allowed him to take the third rung of the box after having led during part of the test.

At the start, again the KTM of Juan Pérez de la Torre played a trick on him and got nailed, starting in last position and having to come back. Ahead, the local Enrique Aragon He took the lead although he was quickly overtaken by his MC Las Arenas teammate David garcia. From behind, Jaume Betriu and a little further behind the Tower, which had already been going up.

Taking advantage a failure of Jaume Betriu while he was looking for a way to take the lead, the KTM driver got second place. There he would be waiting since the rhythm that David García imposed was wild although he would end up making a mistake that would cost him the first position. Later he would also be overtaken by Betriu, who would finally be second.

In the absence of an appointment that will take place on February 19 in Guadalajara, Juan Pérez de la Torre He leads the provisional general classification with a six-point advantage over Jaume Betriu, which means that he has everything in sight to get your first national title of the specialty.

Cross Country Castellolí classification: * 1. Juan P. De la Torre (KTM), 2: 34: 03.509 * 2. Jaume Betriu (Husaberg), +2: 24.077 * 3. David García (Husaberg), +4: 55.883 * 4. Miquel Garcia (Husaberg), 1 lap * 5. Marcos Barbero (KTM), 1 lap

Provisional General Classification: * 1. Juan Pérez de la Torre (KTM), 97 points * 2. Jaume Betriu (Husaberg), 91 points. * 3. Miquel García (Gas Gas), 74 pts. * 4. Carlos Enrique Caballero (KTM), 56 pts. * 5. Marcos Barbero (KTM), 47 pts.

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