Maverick Viñales will defend Repsol's colors in Moto3
Maverick Viñales will defend Repsol's colors in Moto3

It seemed that everything was already tied to start this season, that nothing could surprise us at this point. But a few hours ago we received the confirmation of something that seemed not to finish arriving. And is that Repsol has become a sponsor of Maverick Viñales, the best rookie of 2011. With this move, the Spanish oil company expands its presence in the Moto3 category with three great values, worth the redundancy, such as Maverick, Alex Rins and Miguel Oliveira.

Precisely three of the drivers who are called to fight for the title from the first race. Viñales already showed last season that he was capable of anything despite the lack of experience in depending on which track and this year he is, without a doubt, one of the great favorites. You will find yourself in the race to be champion with two opponents that you already know from the Spanish Speed ​​Championship.

Maverick Viñales:

But this does not mean that Maverick leaves his current team, but that an agreement has been reached between Avintia Competición and Repsol so that the Catalan is part of an enviable selection of drivers at least until the end of 2012. Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa or Marc Márquez are three other talents with the same sponsor. It seems that the company wants to ensure a future full of victories and strong emotions, as it has always been.

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