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Cleaning and waterproofing the textile; we get into a car wash
Cleaning and waterproofing the textile; we get into a car wash

As promised, it is a debt, in this last test of Zeibe products for cleaning and waterproofing our motorcycle textile clothing. We are going to do something special that will help us test the waterproofing that is achieved by applying Zeibe products. This time we are going to get into a car wash with the complete cycle to wash a car.

I think that warning There is plenty this time, but just in case: Kids, don't do this on your car wash! Since these tests are carried out by Motorpasión Moto professionals who have the right knowledge to get through the day. And now seriously, always under the supervision of Instalia Bejar technicians who kindly lent us one of their car washes to carry out the test and they watched over the integrity of the one who writes to you, controlling the situation from the controls of the bridge.

Zeibe textile cleaning

On this occasion the products used were:


(Textile Pack component)

  • Description: New generation liquid detergent specially developed to wash technical garments with or without waterproofing and breathable membranes.
  • Application: Hand wash; Immerse the entire garment in cold water mixed with 75ml of Textile Cleaner. Make circular movements with the sponge to ensure the removal of dirt. Rinse with plenty of cold water. Machine wash; Select the gentle washing program of the washing machine. Pour 75ml of Textile Cleaner into the detergent drawer. Let dry in a ventilated place protected from sunlight.
  • Presentation: 150ml bottle forming a pack with Textile Protector.

Recommended retail price: € 19.95 (Pack)


(Textile Pack component)

  • Description: Latest generation waterproofing for technical garments with or without a membrane that renews and reinforces the waterproofing.
  • Application: Spray intensely over the entire garment. Let dry in a ventilated place protected from sunlight.
  • Presentation: 100ml vaporizer forming a pack with Textile Cleaner.

Recommended retail price: € 19.95 (Pack)

Cleaning by hand

The two main qualities of membrane fabrics that our biker garments usually have are: impermeability that prevents water from penetrating the garment and breathability that allows to expel the humidity generated by perspiration. If the membrane is clogged by dirt, these qualities will be directly affected. The detergents we use to wash everyday clothes are not developed for the care of garments with technical fabrics with a membrane. The use of powder detergents or generic liquid detergents can clog membranes of the garments and impair the breathability and impermeability qualities for which they have been created.

The cleaning treatment is simple and very effective, by the way, always remember to remove the protections from the clothes, before starting to wash them by hand or machine. In the Axo sanity pants that we also washed, it seemed not to be very dirty but it left the water so black that I am ashamed to put the photo here, you will have to look for it in the photo gallery. The waterproofing product is very easy to apply. In addition, the advantages of fluorine polymers such as those used by Zeibe in its product not only repels water and dirt They do not leave any trace on the garment after application, unlike those that contain silicones that only repel water and make the garments feel oily after application.

foam bath

But we go with the washing bridge that begins our experiment. First we entered without a motorcycle and with the textile clothing that we had previously conditioned, but this time on the red Dainese jacket we have only half waterproofed to be able to see the difference in a faster way. After overcoming the initial “little fear” and following the instructions of the Instalia Bejar technicians to the letter, the washing cycle began with an abundant curtain of foam that served perfectly to check the impermeability. Do you see the difference between the two halves?

zeibe result

Now the rollers begin to spin, but with the cold it was we asked the technicians to turn without pouring water, we had already had enough with the foam. At first it's very scary to see how the roller approaches But once you get used to it, it's even fun. They already warned us from Zeibe that with the speed of rotation of the rollers the waterproofing layer would disappear due to friction. We even go through the drying phase and everything, it seems incredible the force of the air that expels that nozzle.

Albi wash foam curtain

Since we've already gotten the hang of it, let's change. We dress again as "Roman" and this time we go to the washing bridge with motorcycle included. Again the foam curtain approaches and gives us two passes that leaves us white. Later the rollers begin to roll and engulf us completely. You can see in the gallery really curious photos, with all those colors. In addition, the control of the technician was incredible, he told me stay still that I'm going to give you a little walk through the helmet.

Albi tunnel wash

The result in these clothes was just as good as in the road jacket. The waterproofer perfectly fulfills its function if you apply it as the manufacturer says, and you are generous with the dose.

As always my thanks to all who have given us their help to perform this test. Go through the photo gallery that I put below, it is worth it.

Note: All products for the care of the biker equipment were provided by Zeibe. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.

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