This is how BMW helmets are made, pride of German engineering
This is how BMW helmets are made, pride of German engineering

Yesterday we saw how the Italians assembled each component of their motorcycles, with great care and affection, with almost special treatment for their MV Agusta F3. They base their image on their tradition and their taste for design, they tell us about feelings and sensations. Today it is the turn of those from Bavaria, specifically the section that is responsible for the development of BMW brand helmets.

This department has become one of the strengths of the Germans, where its technological resources and the famous engineering of the country shine in every detail. It is curious to see how while the Italians made an effort to transmit and create feelings in the customer who sees the video of the manufacture of a dream, they, BMW, display enviable precision that is second to none. Because there will be aspects in which Germany can envy the Italian industry, but as far as investment in technology is concerned, no one can doubt their good work and seriousness.

We leave you with the summary of the manufacture of a helmet, from when it is first drawn on paper until it is tested on the road. Total a three-year job of dozens of people summed up in just over three and a half minutes.

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