Kyosho Mini-z Moto Racer, the definitive toy for winter
Kyosho Mini-z Moto Racer, the definitive toy for winter

Last Sunday, one of my nephews told me that Kyosho is about to release an RC micro motorcycle from the Mini-Z family that has been so successful. He immediately showed me a video of this new toy and I definitely signed up for the address to find more information on the subject. This bike is called Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Racer, and it is a 1:18 scale replica of a motorcycle with the latest radio-control technology. Although the livery belongs to the Yamaha M1 that Jorge Lorenzo drove last season.

The technical data have that with a wheelbase of 85 mm and a weight of 85 grams, its small brushless motor is capable of propelling the motorcycle at a speed of almost 19.5 km / h thanks to the 3.7V and 120mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. It is also capable of rolling for ten minutes. The recharging time with the charger included in the kit varies from 20 to 60 minutes. To complete the invention, a pistol-type transmitter is included that emits at 2.4 GHz. The trick to making something so small really drivable is that it includes an adjustable gyro that helps keep this micro motorcycle on two wheels.

On the Kyosho America website they have already exhausted the first batch of reservations at the price of $ 278.99$ 31 less than the official starting price. Are you going to wait until the kings of next year to order yours?

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