Timerider, a curious motorcycle movie in the Wild West
Timerider, a curious motorcycle movie in the Wild West

It is curious browsing the internet what one comes to find on those websites of God. Like the trailer for this biker movie from none other than 1982. The truth is that the script is not bad even for a shoot today. Especially with the special effects and computer animations that are used today that, at the click of the mouse, put and remove explosions and jumps where necessary. The plot places a biker in the old wild west.

Looking at all this from today's modern perspective, the aesthetics of this film seem to want to make us smile. So what It has everything typical of the western genre, namely: Typical bad cowboy “bad guy”, the Reverend of rigor with his due weapons, the easy and sexy girl and the fortune seekers who do not hesitate to betray whoever crosses their path for a handful of dollars. Let's see the trailer next:

So good old Lyle, the name of our protagonist and motorcycle champion, is training with his motorcycle in a desert in Mexico. While training, seems to cross into the range of a time machine and the rest is intuited as I say, watching the trailer. They have to do with murderers of various kinds and thieves throughout the film.

The truth is that they did not win an Oscar from the North American Academy precisely, it is not even a great production but these movies in their time entertained. Let's not forget that we are talking about the year 1982 in which in this country, naranjito did his thing and those of us who are of an age, from that time, used to go out on weekends from double film sessions giving each other cakes if it was time to see the movies of Bruce Lee, for example.

But in this article I am going to put you another movie trailer with aesthetics and aftertaste of yesteryear queer and incidentally, ask if is there anyone among the readers who knows, watching the trailer, what movie are you referring to, because the truth is that I have no idea, and one already has an age … Inside trailer !. Thanks to colleague Luis Font for the track.

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