Interview with Casey Stoner: "I think there are CRT pilots who are there to make numbers "
Interview with Casey Stoner: "I think there are CRT pilots who are there to make numbers "

Nobody doubts anymore Casey stoner. Despite the fact that his way to MotoGP almost always passed in the shadow of other riders such as Dani Pedrosa, the Australian is, today, the favorite in all bets to win the title of MotoGP World Champion 2012. He has. had a bad time, a very bad time, and was even undervalued during the years when he was the only one capable of carrying an indomitable Ducati for good. Now, after having dominated with an iron fist with a Honda that has not won a championship since 2006, he launches himself to speak calmly with the certainty that you will do your job well and lead a full life.

Repsol let us know a few days ago an interview with the Australian pilot, to complete another that we published on Monday with Dani Pedrosa. But we wanted to complete it with another that Casey gave Dorna a little over a month ago, when the Sepang tests were still far away. First from his residence in the mountains of Switzerland and then from the Repsol box, the fastest kangaroo in the world be honest one more time: about Ducati - at the end of the post -, Marc Márquez, 2012 … even about his next fatherhood.

Question: How do you think you will handle mixing parenting with racing?

I'm good at separating personal life from racing. When I'm on the circuit, it's time to run, when I'm away, doing something other than training to be ready for the races, there is nothing at home that even makes me think about competition, I just want to enjoy my life until and after by the time the next race comes be ready for it.

Your home is here in Switzerland, do you like this place to live?

I think it is a beautiful country, we love the lifestyle and the people that we have here close to. Where we live we have a small stream and trails for mountain biking, so when we are here we can disconnect from the world, spend time alone and prepare for each race without interruption. It is a beautiful lifestyle that we live and enjoy, especially in winter.

Casey Stoner at home

Up here in the mountains, what do you prefer? Snowboarding or skiing?

I prefer to ski but I do both. There is no problem but skiing there are more places to go, I like to venture. With snowboarding you have to take it off and walk to places while with skis you can propel yourself.

The change to 1000cc this year will not be like the 990cc era, how do you see the changes with this change in displacement?

To be honest, I don't see any big change compared to the 800. With the electronics that everyone has the change won't be very big, it will be there, but the electronics will do the rest for some drivers. We used different tires than the ones we used with the 990, there was some competition in this area then but now there is no longer it. I don't see much change but we'll see. I enjoy the thousand more, it has more spark and power, it takes more skill to take them on small paths, especially in low gears. We also have problems with the wheelies, in every gear it goes up, so it will be a challenge to solve it but in general it is good to go back to the 1000cc.

It is not the only change this year, we have the Claiming Rule Teams and 21 bikes on the grid. What do you think about these for the 2012 season?

Must see. But looking at the lap times… it's not encouraging at all. I'm sure that some teams will find their way together, that they will have the right drivers and they should be competitive for sure, but there are some out there that I don't think are competitive at all. I think they are there simply to make numbers, which to be honest is something that makes me happy, but when there are bikes that are not competitive and also with riders who have not been tested … it is difficult to say how things will go, but time will will put everything in its place.

Who do you consider your opponents this season?

My direct rival is Jorge, he was first in 2010 and second in 2011, he will always be there fighting. All the boys from the official teams, also Andrea will be fighting on Tech 3, they are the same team they had before. Unfortunately we will miss Marco, who I am sure would have been in the lead. Year after year this changes, so we will see who can do it well all season.

Casey with the thousand

Who do you think are the next talents called to shine in the future of MotoGP?

Nobody can help but think of Marc Márquez, he has been incredible these two seasons and has proven to be a worthy champion. It will be interesting to see how he recovers and returns after eye surgery, it is a hard setback to recover from. It will be difficult to say where the level is, there are some drivers who were in 125 for some time and were among the main candidates. I think Viñales is doing a magnificent job. But it is difficult to guess how competitive they will be until they get on a MotoGP.

It seems that Marquez has all the ballots to be your next teammate.

I really like Marc; it has character. He has made a few mistakes in the past, but he has the right attitude for competition and he learns more every day. It keeps evolving instead of stagnating, it's impressive. It doesn't matter who my teammate is, you keep racing against the same group of drivers, whether someone is your teammate or not, in the end, you have to beat them. Fortunately Marc will be one of them one day.

Interview published by Repsol to the media after Sepang

First of all, how are you? Because after waiting a long winter to get back on the bike, you couldn't ride the first day of the three days of testing in Sepang …

After winter and a long time away from the bike, we have been preparing to be ready for the first day of testing. Unfortunately, we had a problem with my back and we missed the first day of practice. We had tests planned for these three days but we had to distribute them between the remaining two. I was a bit disappointed, but then it felt really good to be able to get back on the bike and have those feelings again. Everything has gone quite well and I think we can improve.

Does the driving style of the 1.000 change a lot compared to the 800?

No, we haven't changed the riding style much; With the 800 we already had too much power, so you had to learn what to do with it in many respects. I think the 1,000 has a lot more acceleration, which makes it a lot more fun, but I don't think I have to change my style too much. The sensations are very similar to the 800 and it seems that everyone is adjusting well.

Have you changed your physical training this winter thinking about the new motorcycle?

No, I think the physical demand will be very similar. It will be a bit more difficult but we were already training to get the best physical shape to be able to ride any bike and not just thinking about the 800. In my opinion, I cannot improve my physical appearance much more before the start of the season.

Casey in Sepang

Do you notice the 4 extra kilos that you carry on the bike from these Sepang tests as opposed to the one in Valencia?

Yes, that's something quite frustrating because we already had the bike developed and that's when they decided to make a new rule, so we had to add 4 more kilos to the bike. That is a disadvantage for us because the bike had already been developed, designed for a certain weight and now we have to add more, and that affects the bike. It is not something that we notice much in the driving in general, but unfortunately when maneuvering in the middle of the curve it does notice a lot. We have to try to adapt a little more and get through it, but it's disappointing that they decided to do it so late.

With these new bikes with more power, more weight but with the same gasoline capacity, are you following the work and collaboration between Honda and Repsol engineers to provide you and Dani with the best gasoline?

Of course, having more power is going to be a critical aspect that we try to obtain the same benefits but with less consumption. We have the same capacity in the tank that we had with the 800 but with much more power, it will be quite difficult to make sure that we can finish the races. For this reason, I think it is crucial that Honda and Repsol work together and find the best solution.

Now you have a blog and the fans are really happy with it according to their comments. What do you think of it? Do you know all the people who support you and follow you on this new channel to find out more about you?

Yes, it is something that will allow you to know better what happens behind the scenes, how I feel, what I think … It is not something I did before but thanks to Repsol, I have decided to do it this year and see how it goes. I think it will be something interesting that fans can read.

People say that when you are a father you lose a tenth per lap… Do you agree?

They also say that when you get married you become slower, but when I got married I won my first World Championship and when we found out we were going to have a baby, I won my second title. So right now, I don't think that happens.

Finally I leave you the video with the answers to the questions that fans from all over the world sent to Casey Stoner via Twitter. It is understood quite well and considering that we have swallowed videos of several minutes with Guy Martin speaking, listening to Casey is a delight. However, I would like to leave the answer to the second question transcribed and translated here, What changes did you ask Ducati that they didn't give you? Well, I think it can help to tend to the situation at that time and the current one with Valentino.

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