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Cleaning and waterproofing leather clothing, with Zeibe
Cleaning and waterproofing leather clothing, with Zeibe

We have always thought that our leather jacket or jumpsuit resists everything. And I have been the first that I have never paid much attention to its cleaning and hydration. Now over the years the traces of this lack of care are evident. Even when I occasionally tried to moisturize the skin of my leather jacket, I did so with homemade “Nivea-type” products that would eventually dry out even more.

In addition, it is no longer just a matter of hydration or cleaning of leather garments. The softness to the touch and above all the flexibility, make our jacket or pants become a garment uncomfortable and excessively stiff If you have not received those little cares that will give you comfort and will also make it last much longer.

Zeibe leather cleaning pack

This time we have used the following products to clean and waterproof the leather suit:


(Leather Pack component)

  • Description: Technical cream for cleaning and moisturizing leather garments. Effective against stains generated by pollution, oil and insect impact.
  • Application: Moisten the sponge with Leather Cleaner and make gentle circular movements over the entire garment. Let it dry in a ventilated place, protected from sunlight and heat sources.
  • Frequency: Quarterly or failing that when a direct stain is detected to prevent dirt from penetrating into the leather pore.
  • Presentation: 150ml bottle forming a pack with Leather Protector.

Recommended retail price: € 19.95 (Pack)


(Leather Pack component)

  • Description: Technical waterproofing for leather garments, offers protection against rain and dirt
  • Application: Spray intensely over the entire garment. Let dry in a ventilated place protected from sunlight.
  • Frequency: Quarterly and always after the garment is washed
  • Presentation: 100ml vaporizer forming a pack with Leather Cleaner.

Recommended retail price: € 19.95 (Pack)

I'm trying to remember how old my leather suit is and I can't remember what year that model came out. Now, I assure you that years has a few, as well as battles, falls, scrapes and bad treatment in general. Lately its use is limited to the circuit without giving it any kind of consideration. Therefore, it is a good leather garment to test the Zeibe Leather Pack.

Clean jacket

As I was saying, when using interior cleaning products for a helmet, do not look for miracles by applying the cleaning cream. Without a doubt, it is a great cleaner that will remove all the dirt, mosquitoes, etc … that are on your leather garment. You have nothing else to do the state in which the sponge was left with the first passes. But for example, a grease stain or what sometimes looks like a stain and is really part of the dye of the leather garment that has disappeared, you will not be able to recover it no matter how much cream you give it.

Sponge after cleaning

Although the manufacturer recommends that you always begin to clean the lighter colored areas, to go later to the darker colors. We have not noticed any discoloration in the application of the Zeibe leather cleaning product. Now, it will always be necessary to maintain this precaution because not all dyes in leather garments are equally resistant.

Vaporizing the protector

Waterproofing is simple intensely steaming the garment until it looks really wet. In this way, we will be able to give back to the leather that treatment that ensures that it does not get wet as soon as the first drops fall. In fact, we can see the result in the photos. Water droplets tend to slide off without wetting the leather.

But anyway tomorrow you can see a more extreme and surprising test about the waterproofing provided by Zeibe products.

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