The second classified Who is that?
The second classified Who is that?

Thus begins the monologue that accompanies the tribute video that they have made at the AFM for their annual banquet in 2011. The AFM is the only and largest American association dedicated to organizing motorcycle races in that country. He also has the honor of having helped people like Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey or Kenny Roberts.

The monologue continues to emphasize the famous phrase that the second is the first of the losers. Or concepts like that if you come to just participate, you will never be able to be anything. A statement of intent for those who set their sights on the world of competition.

Because it should be noted that this type of competitiveness must be limited to competition circles and never get out of there. Since when this spirit leaves there it becomes something dangerous for people who apply it to normal life. Something like that other phrase that says that what happens on the track stays on the track and that the drivers on a circuit are rivals. But you have to remember again that off the track nothing prevents them from being friends and having fun together.

The monologue ends up telling a joke; Knock, knock Who is it? The guy who finished second. And who is that?

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