1977 Honda CB 550, a gem for sale on eBay
1977 Honda CB 550, a gem for sale on eBay

Imagine for a moment that you have some savings left over, a little money that you have stored there to give yourself a treat when you feel like it the most. Imagine also that you come across, by chance, one of those motorcycle wonders that we see from time to time in Motorpasión Moto, what would you do?. Yes, it is complicated, but use your imagination. I don't know if this would be the bike I would decide for but it sure made me hesitate for a few days.

Because it turns out they have found it for sale on ebay a 1977 Honda CB550 restored from head to toe. The engine, which is the structure that could throw us back the most, has been rebuilt leaving it as good as new with just 200km in total … have I heard a pre-owned? The chassis has also been restored and if it works as well as it looks in the photos we can trust its qualities. A pure café racer, you see, it doesn't lack or spare anything.

Honda CB550

Judging from what is seen in the photos, the owner has taken care of even the smallest detail of his work and the only reason that has led him to get rid of it is that he wants to get down to work with another project. The price for which You can take it home around 5,800 euros but if you like the eBay game you can always start bidding for 4,800. I don't know how long we can hold out without one after the café racer bug has bitten you, kick off, listen to the four-cylinder hoarse with that silent minimalist that seems to do anything but silence … Anyway, if you dare, tell us.

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