The legendary final lap of the 2010 Ulster Grand Prix
The legendary final lap of the 2010 Ulster Grand Prix

Today I wanted to remember one of those moments that have made me have a batch admiration for pilots like Keith Amor or Ian Hutchinson, who have been in the news in recent days due to withdrawal from the competition and serious injury respectively. In 2010 we saw one of the most exciting laps of road races in memory and these two were not lacking. However, the hero of that time was Bruce anstey, who in the Superbike race was able to overcome from fourth place to victory.

A real gift for the Relentless Suzuki that was waiting impatiently for the outcome on the finish line. But also for the public and even for the commentators not very positive about the New Zealander's chances: "I don't think he's caught … he's caught him!", "I don't think … inside!", "Surely he won't … overtake him, overtake him!".

But let's get in the situation before hitting play. Last lap, Ian Hutchinson is in the lead followed by Keith Amor, Cameron Donald, Bruce and Guy Martin. With such a group and on a stage like the one at Ulster GP the images, I assure you, will not disappoint anyone. By the way, that lap was also the "circuit" record.

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