Interview with Dani Pedrosa in Sepang and the new 1000cc MotoGP
Interview with Dani Pedrosa in Sepang and the new 1000cc MotoGP

In the recently completed Sepang tests, the one who set the best time record and took the lead was the HRC driver, Casey stoner behind that of Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo. The third place was secured by the other Honda rider, Dani pedrosa who commented in an interview with his sponsor, Repsol, the sensations and taste in his mouth that the new 1000cc prototypes with which we are competing this year have left.

Dani pedrosa explain what The Honda RC213V is a more physical and demanding motorcycle than the one used last year. It is somewhat more powerful and heavier than the previous one and requires an extra effort especially in changes of direction. Generally speaking, Dani Pedrosa says that with these 1000cc models for this 2012 season, it is possible to brake later and go faster in the corners. You can read the full interview below.

  • ¿How did the first tests go with the 1,000cc in Sepang?
  • In terms of physical resistance, do you notice the change from the 800cc to the 1,000cc?
  • The bike goes from 153kg to 157kg. Does these four kilos make a difference?
  • What differences are there between the 1,000cc this year that you encountered when you arrived at MotoGP in 2006?
  • Your partner Casey Stoner premieres personal blog. You are a veteran and you are in your fourth year. What does an initiative of this type mean for you?
  • Last year the Moto2 championship was very tight. Do you think Marc Márquez will be one of the protagonists again in 2012?
  • This year the Moto3 category opens and several riders will make their debut in it, such as Miguel Oliveira and Álex Rins, (2011 CEV champion). What do you think about these new promises?

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