Vectrix VX-2 the electric scooter with which to save up to 2560 euros
Vectrix VX-2 the electric scooter with which to save up to 2560 euros

Our colleague Luis Font was able to thoroughly test the electric scooter model Vectrix VX-1 at the end of 2009 with a model that had as its virtues a good acceleration to be an electric model and the cleaning benefits, in every sense, of its propellant. The negative points highlighted a somewhat nondescript design for the time and an exorbitant price of around 7,600 euros.

Since then the Vectrix firm has worked hard improving its products and announces figures on its Vectrix VX-2 of 3,246 euros, VAT and government subsidy included, already in line with what is seen in the traditional scooter market. The aesthetic is being revised and adapted to the current canons with a sporty appearance, although with confusing parts like that rear handle. In short, improvement so that electric models are a reality in the urban transport segment.


The importer for our country of Vectrix, Going Green, compares your Vectrix VX-2 model to a 125cc internal combustion one, like those we usually see by city, to show the real savings advantages that choosing an electric scooter for our trips can bring.

This Vectrix VX-2 reaches a speed of 65km / h, accelerates from 0 to 45 km / h in 7 seconds and has a range of 80km. Adequate figures to move around the city although autonomy seems scarce if the trips to be made are not managed well. Between fuel costs and maintenance, the Vectrix firm estimates that savings can amount up to 2,560 euros compared to its internal combustion counterpart.

They calculate an expense of 40 euros in energy to propel the electric model for 260 euros of the traditional scooter in one year. For maintenance the Vectrixx VX-2 complies with an investment of 1,320 euros for 3,880 euros of internal combustion in a period of four years and with that similar vehicle purchase budget in both cases amounting to the aforementioned 3,246 euros for the Vectrix VX-2.

Vectrix boasts of having silent electric models, of up to 90 percent more efficient than those powered by traditional engines with benefits comparable to these and that are a real alternative for our transportation needs. Good figures are offered by this manufacturer that We will reel off and evaluate MotorpasiĆ³n Moto as soon as possible to have test units both Vectrix models and other manufacturers.

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