Yamaha X-Enter, a Scooter that we will not see in Spain. Or if?
Yamaha X-Enter, a Scooter that we will not see in Spain. Or if?

Yesterday I read as usual Motoblog.it and suddenly I realized that we hadn't talked about the Yamaha X-Enter in Motorpasión Moto. I immediately started looking for information, downloading photos from the Yamaha press website and preparing an article about it. But almost when I had everything ready I realized that in the press release of the brand there are a few lines added in red with the models that will not come to the Spanish market. Guess which one is on that list? Indeed the Yamaha X-Enter will not reach the Spanish market in none of the existing versions, neither 125 cc nor 150 cc.

Something even more curious when on Motoblog.it they comment that the presentation of the model was held in Barcelona. The truth is that lately we are seeing a resurgence of these Citizen Scooters who come to save the world motorcycle market. Because we are not mistaken that brands want to sell a lot, and they only achieve this with motorcycles of this type, not with Superbikes that cost an arm and a leg and part of the other.

The Yamaha X-Enter is a High wheel scooter powered by a single cylinder four-stroke engine powered by electronic injection and SOHC four-valve cylinder head offering 12, 5 CV more than enough power to move freely around any city in the world. It also has a few details such as the glove box on the handlebar or the flat floor that help the user to load things on it. Although the gap under the seat is not almost practicable, a trunk matching the color of the motorcycle is sold as an option, which in countries such as Italy will come as standard along with the windshield.

Yamaha X-Enter

The list of accessories is quite large, and we can even find a leg cover that fits perfectly with the Yamaha X-Enter. But the most significant thing is that we can get one of these for the modest price of 2,890 euros. The available colors are Sky Blue (sky blue) Avalanche White (avalanche white) Midnight Black (midnight black) I do not know why this model does not reach our market, but seeing that it will be available in the rest of Europe I would not be surprised that some parallel importer is encouraged to bring it.

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