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Helmet cleaning and anti-fog treatment, with Zeibe
Helmet cleaning and anti-fog treatment, with Zeibe

For those of you who think that the best way to wash a helmet is to do it in a car wash, you are very wrong. Nor home remedies like putting the helmet in the dishwasher, they are the most appropriate. And not only because with those washing temperatures the properties of the helmet will last little, but you also have to make sure that you are going to be home alone long enough so that you are not caught desecrating in that way so sacred place in the kitchen.

But of course, if we do not properly clean our helmet between the sweating that is generated by normal use, the humidity in winter or some spring storm, they can make us have a good "kettle" instead of a helmet. grow all kinds of bacteria causing bad odor, or even fungus can be generated. In order not to go to these extremes, we are going to clean the helmet with Zeibe products and comment on the results.

Zeibe helmet cleaners

We will use the following products:


Description: Hypoallergenic cellulose wipe impregnated in a

bactericidal solution specifically developed for the technical cleaning of the inside of the helmet.

Application: Unwrap the wipe and apply it inside the helmet

with special attention to the parts most exposed to pollution generated by traffic (front and chin guard). Let dry for 15 minutes.

  • Weekly frequency.
  • Presentation: Pack 8 units.

Recommended price: € 10.50


Description: Deodorant for the inside of the helmet with properties

bactericides and fungicides that eliminates bad odor, providing a pleasant and fresh aroma

  • Application: Carry out 4-5 sprays inside the helmet and leave

dry for 15 minutes.

  • Frequency: After each use
  • Presentation: 100ml spray.

Recommended price: € 10.50


  • Description: Cellulose wipe for cleaning and anti-fogging of the

helmet screen.

  • Application: Unwrap the wipe and apply it on the inside and the

outside of the screen until the product is completely absorbed.

  • Frequency: Whenever the screen is dirty or when there is risk

from fogging up

  • Presentation: Pack 8 units.

Recommended price: € 10.50

Cleaning wipe

As you can see in the photos, the format of all the products is ideal to be able to carry it comfortably taking up as little space as possible. Wipes for cleaning the inside of the helmet, they fulfill their function to perfection without deteriorating or damaging any interior fabric, or affecting its coloration. But do not go looking for that with the wipe you can clean a grease stain or very strong dirt that has been on the helmet for a long time. Miracles will have to be sought with other more aggressive products that will surely take their toll on the life inside your helmet.

cleaning zeibe

Helmet deodorant is undoubtedly a great ally for the hygiene of your helmet. But if you have not cleaned the helmet in your life since you have it, and you close the visor when you leave it on the table, so that the stench it gives off does not escape. Not only are you a bit dirty, but no matter how much deodorant you use, you will only be able to camouflage the smell for a season. Now, on a clean helmet by spraying the inside of the helmet from time to time and letting it dry. You guarantee when you put it on you will always have one pleasant sensation of cleanliness and good smell.

anti fog zeibe

But without a doubt Zeibe's anti-fog has been the product that has left me the most impact. As some of you already announced to me in your comments, it is a wonder how this product works. As you can see, we divide the helmet screen in two. To proceed to treat only one part and thus be able to better appreciate the difference between the treated part and the one that is not. It must be taken into account when applying the product that we must rub until it is completely absorbed.

anti fog test

The result is incredible, even when applying breath directly to the screen, you can't blur it in any way. We also tested it on cross / enduro goggles and the result was just as good. Where before you stopped for five minutes with your glasses on and you had to take them off because they fogged up, now there is no trace of fog.

Anti-fog cross

Tomorrow we will continue testing Zeibe products for cleaning and waterproofing leather.

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