Valentino Rossi's new helmet in the Sepang tests
Valentino Rossi's new helmet in the Sepang tests

We all know the taste (and marketing) it has Valentino Rossi with helmets you use during the season. And without having to force much we remember that helmet with a sword that he presented at the beginning of 2007 to lead his particular reconquest. I, who have declared myself a fan of Valentino Rossi many times, have never come across a helmet that could say that I like it or that I would buy it. But I have to admit that seeing the images of this new AGV helmet has almost convinced me. And that with the topic of helmets I am quite special, first because I wear glasses and not all of them suit me and second because I have already gone through a few "made in Italy" helmets and although the design is usually very good, the manufacturing it is almost always quite regular no matter how expensive the helmet is.

Focusing on this new design, what is most striking is the new, much more aerodynamic shape of the shell. This has been made of carbon fiber and only the number 46 and some yellow text have been added. The chin guard has been slimmed down quite a bit, and although it still has a small air intake, it seems that the main ventilation is now done in the upper part of the visor. The rear part includes a kind of spoiler that more or less follows the shape of the "aerodynamic hump" of the suit. In they hope that a much more colorful version will appear soon or that it includes the moon and the sun, but I will keep the helmet as it is. That if, I imagine that the price of something like that will not be exactly cheap.

Below you can see some more photos of the helmet in question.

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