María Seguí will replace Pere Navarro at the head of the DGT
María Seguí will replace Pere Navarro at the head of the DGT

It has cost, but in the end the moment has come. Pere Navarro already has a substitute to collect the witness of the work that he has been exercising during these years at the head of the General Directorate of Traffic. María Seguí has ​​been chosen to fill her position. Pere has even endured in 2012 as director of the DGT and it seemed that the time to replace him would never come. In fact, it was news when Jorge Fernández, Minister of the Interior, stressed that this was not one of his priorities in 2012, even Mariano Rajoy praised his work.

Pere leaves with the numbers on his part and happy to have done his task well because, despite having pursued the motorcyclist on more than one occasion, he has managed to reduce the number of accidents and victims, despite whoever it may be. Secondly, Maria Seguí, is a doctor in Medicine and has dedicated his professional and vocational career to the prevention of injuries in traffic accidents, as shown by his doctoral thesis on the implantation of the airbag.

Today she is the general director of Public Health, Drug Addiction and Consumption in Castilla La Mancha, although tomorrow she will take care of the traffic of our country. Let's hope that the number of accidents and victims continues to decline and that this time the motorcycle is seen as a solution to the problems and not as “the problem”.

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