Cyril Despres fined in Andorra for a video recorded in the Pyrenees
Cyril Despres fined in Andorra for a video recorded in the Pyrenees

We are used to seeing some spectacular promotional videos of the new KTM models. But this time the Ordino Common has opened a sanctioning file for the current Dakar champion Cyril Despres and Cédric Gracia riders who recorded a promotional video of KTM driving on various trails through the mountains of the Principality.

It so happens that both Cyril Despres and Cédric have their residence in Andorra, so surely they are good connoisseurs of the terrain where the film was filmed. spot of the new KTM Freeride 350. Precisely one of the roads on which they rode their motorcycles is the one that leads to the top of Casamanya. Land through which it seems you must have permission to get there with a motor vehicle.

As we can see in the video recorded at the end of 2011, the ascent to Casamanya is done on well-defined trails and it is not appreciated that they go cross-country. But it seems that environmentalists put pressure on the Ordino Common to have both pilots expedited. Cyril Despres was quick to report that the necessary premises were requested from the local authorities to make the video. But it seems that you are they neither granted it nor denied it. Typical Administrative action copied from our country.

And also as in Spain the fine that can be applied to the pilots, they are administrative sanctions that go between 50 and 500 Euros to each rider, which will surely not cause a very large imbalance in the KTM accounts.

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