Triumph asks Antonio Maeso for a team in the Tourist Trophy
Triumph asks Antonio Maeso for a team in the Tourist Trophy

Antonio Maeso's adventure in the Tourist Trophy seems to have just begun. We told you a while ago how the Madrilenian had started a collaborative project with which to participate with him in the TT 2012. There are many who have already stepped up and are making possible the adventure of an old school rider whose dream is to win the most dangerous race in the world. Yesterday we learned from Twitter that Triumph had just contacted Antonio to discuss a possible team for his project at the TT.

We asked him and found out that while he's still nothing, the factory would have been interested in him to form a structure, not for 2012, but for the next season in 2013. We therefore hope that this year's results accompany one of the few representatives of the country in the test and finish convincing those present.

If so, Maeso would have the real opportunity to play a great role in that edition. However, you have to keep your feet on the ground and remind everyone that we must concentrate our efforts in 2012. We will continue to monitor any news that occurs in this regard.

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