In the next product test, we get to clean
In the next product test, we get to clean

Thanks to Zeibe moto the specialists in cleaning and caring for rider equipment, we will be able to test and tell you how some of their articles work. And of course, as is usual in Motorpasión Moto, something will occur to us to take to the extreme the qualities that they tell us about their products.

We are going to give a complete review of all the clothes we use to ride our motorcycles. From the sanity, to the jacket, the leather suit and even the helmet will be in our sights, to leave them again as when we bought them. Clean, shiny and even re-waterproofed. And to leave you wanting to see how far all these Zeibe products can go we leave you a small video / demonstration in which it is verified how the Zeibe anti-fog works on the screen of a helmet.

What looks good? Well stay pay attention that next weekWe will tell you about it with the odd surprising test.

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