MotoGP rental at a million dollars per season, cheap, cheap landscape
MotoGP rental at a million dollars per season, cheap, cheap landscape

We all know that since DORNA has been trying to rehabilitate the MotoGP category for a long time. Because we are not mistaken that the premier class of the Motorcycle World Championship has had quite boring seasons and with fewer and fewer riders on the grid. The last attempt (at the moment) has been to create the sub-category of CRT, motorcycles with serial derived engines and prototype chassis that are already attracting some important brands such as BMW and Aprilia. These days, Carmelo Ezpeleta has talked a lot about this issue, even going so far as to suggest that in the middle of this year there will be a regulation in which these CRTs will be the motorcycle that everyone will carry in a fairly near future. Things like the single switchboard, which scares Ducati people, or simply the CRT concept, which the HRC bosses don't like by any means, seemed the biggest obstacle to bringing that regulation to fruition.

But this morning a piece of news was released on that may be the finishing touch to those efforts by the CEO of DORNA. Honda will propose to rent MotoGP units next season at the price of one million dollars instead of the two and a half million they currently cost. So which team is going to want to get a CRT that's slower if it can get a "black leg" Honda for about the same price?

Although reading the news carefully, they comment that those cheap units will be bikes from the previous season. In this way, Honda and HRC ensure that their official riders carry the most current (and fast) equipment while the others fill the grid and the coffers of the Japanese factory. This forces me to ask two questions. If Honda can rent scooters for a million dollars, Why have you been charging two and a half until now? And the second question is if they don't like what DORNA is raising through Carmelo Ezpleta Why don't they negotiate it amicably instead of shooting at the CRT ship's waterline?

I think this maneuver, if confirmed, will put DORNA and Honda in a very bad position, because while some fight to save the business, others fight to have even more power without caring about loading the goose that lays the golden eggs. I trust you know how to fix it, because if, as I said at the beginning, the MotoGP World Championship is turning into a motorcycle race in single file with almost no incentive, with this panorama we will prefer to go on Sunday morning to walk on the beach instead of sitting in front of the television and the cake is over for everyone.

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