Third consecutive victory for Toni Bou that prevails in Marseille
Third consecutive victory for Toni Bou that prevails in Marseille

Toni Bou (Montesa Cota 4RT) has been imposed again in the third appointment of the X-Trial World Championship 2012 held last weekend at the Sports Palace in Marseille, France. With this victory, Toni Bou remains unbeatable so far this season and adds his third consecutive win.

From behind again Adam raga (Gas Gas) and Albert cabestany (Sherco) have divided the other two positions on the podium, maintaining a beautiful fight that they transfer to the general classification since after this appointment they have tied with the same points.

Toni Bou He started by winning the qualification although he dropped six points. Adam Raga, Albert Cabestany, Jeroni Fajardo, Takahisa Fujinami and Loris Gubian also passed the cut although at a considerable distance from Montesa's. The next day, the semifinal was very difficult, with very long zones in which it was easy to penalize for time.

Toni Bou and Adam Raga

Toni Bou put the direct and he did the zones very fast, leaving only one point. Adam Raga with seven, Albert Cabestany with 12 and Takahisa Fujinami with 15 would be the ones who would go to the final.

In the confrontation in pairs, the Japanese suffered a fall trying to beat Toni Bou, causing a lot of damage to his shoulder, something that diminished him in the rest of the test and in the end prevented him from improving the fourth position.

The fight between Adam Raga and Albert Cabestany It was very even and they penalized identically for time and in parallel matches but the feet left by Sherco's made him have to settle for third position. In front of everyone Toni Bou that despite committing a fiasco in the first zone for trying to go too fast, he completed the rest of the zones with a single time penalty.

Podium Marseille

Declarations of Toni Bou:

Marseille X-Trial Classification: * 1. Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda), 7 points * 2. Adam raga (Gas Gas), 12 pts. * 3. Albert cabestany (Sherco), 19 pts. * 4. Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa Honda), 29 points. * 5. Jeroni Fajardo (Beta), 19 pts.

Provisional general classification: * 1. Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda), 60 points * 2. Adam raga (Gas Gas), 39 pts. * 3. Albert cabestany (Sherco), 39 pts. * 4. Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa Honda), 30 pts. * 5. Jeroni Fajardo (Beta), 17 pts.

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