World record for speed with an e-Solex
World record for speed with an e-Solex

We all know that this speed record thing is a somewhat curious thing and that it has many possible approaches. There are those who consider it as a way of life like Burt Munro and his very fast Indian Scout, there are those who take it as a joke like Colin Furze and his motorized cart. Perhaps the best thing has been the opportunity that the lords of e-Solex to enter its name in the world record book as the first and fastest unmodified mass-produced electric motorcycle to participate in Bonneville Speed ​​Week last August 2011.

Speed, even if it seems like a joke, are 32.3 km / h which is not much, but considering that the record was new and nobody had written it down before, they could have set it at 1 km / h and it would have had the same value. Now the other brands will surely be able to beat that record without much trouble, but the name that will remain on the list as the first will be that of e-Solex with its particular interpretation of an electric motorcycle. And that counts for a lot.

The record was set at a 3.2 km route to the amazement of the participants who were gathered in the salt mine, and that they are people used to things happening at high speed. Surely someone turned to look at what this kind of motorized bicycle was doing that was giving it its all on the track.

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