Don't abandon her, she never would
Don't abandon her, she never would

Although this time it is possible that we are talking about a “forced” abandonment, you never know. The point is that today we bring you to these pages this little story of a real case like the one you can live in your cities, worth the redundancy, one day of each day.

Almost always behind things or situations, there are stories of flesh and blood people with a life of their own. If we stop to think, after our protagonist today, this Suzuki GSXR 600, it is very likely that there are. Assembled more or less between the years 2004 and 2005, this Sussie was conceived for one purpose only. Provide many hours of fun and enjoyment to its owner.


That's the theory on paper. To practice, This Suzuki GSXR 600 has been left to its own devices for two months in a square near the home of the person who writes these lines to you. It has frozen, rained and almost even hail on top of it but it is still still forming part of the urban furniture with sad and wounded eyes like a warrior returning from a battle. The tail seems in place but is dislodged, the counterweights of the semi-handlebars are missing, parts of its fairing are cracked and a sticker on its dome reveals, as we supposed, that This little sports car has waged war for those God's circuits.

Reported to the competent authority up to four times It seems that we have run into the church. That if this is not our competence, that if you should notify the agents of this district, that if we already take note and look at it when we get to the central …

And as I said at the beginning, behind all this there may be personal stories. It may be the story of a person who has put their effort into it and see your illusions truncated by its absence. What at first I mention as "forced" abandonment. Or it could be the opposite. Someone without scruples who has consciously left her abandoned and in this case, it is evident that that person does not deserve the least bit to possess such graceful good. One way or another little Sussie is still and motionless in the same place watching time go by.

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