A laps with Mediaset, Tele 5 and the broadcasts of the MotoGP World Championship
A laps with Mediaset, Tele 5 and the broadcasts of the MotoGP World Championship

I'm not going to bore you with rhetoric let's get straight to the point and I put a literal extract from the Mediaset Spain website. Or I don't know if it should say Telecinco.es which is as it says in your navigation bar after the www.

I'm not going to deny that I frowned after reading this couple of paragraphs but the next thing that has come to my head has been the phrase: "tranquility and good food."

I want to make it very clear that With this article we do not pretend, nor do I pretend as an editor, to pre-judge anyone. In the first place, because you cannot comment on something that has not yet been done. In this case we are talking about the staging by Mediaset of the broadcasts of the Motorcycle World Championship.

But we are not going to fool ourselvesMixing World Championship, MotoGP, Big Brother and Save me, to give a few examples, a priori, does not look good at all. We have already had a precedent like that famous Eurovision singer giving the lap of honor on a national circuit to the "delight" of the astonished fans. I will remind you of past times.

In Mediaset always They have defended that they stand out from the vulgar. They insist on their independence with other content on Tele 5. And so we must believe in these words until the contrary is proven, obviously. In the round of interviews that we have formulated with the Mediaset Journalistic Team at Motorpasión Moto, one of its members, Pachi Rosés, answered clear and concise questions like these:

MPM: To what extent will the broadcasting of the rest of the network's content be independent?

P.R.: The MotoGP broadcast, as I said before, will be a pure exercise in journalism and sports entertainment.

MPM: What would you say to all those who, without having started the broadcasts, already look at you with suspicion and assume that the quality of your work is not going to be up to par?

P.R.: Nothing. Against pre-judgments I can do nothing

In this sense, it should be noted that Pachi Rosés focuses in this interview on her pure and simple role, which is very likely to have nothing to do with the realization or subsequent use of that content. We can be calm when it comes to broadcasting and race previews from the entire Mediaset team. But we must hope that all this is managed properly.

It is true that the exchange of characters between programs of the same chain is overexploited and gives its returns in audiences. Television exposure is the term for this practice that was explained perfectly in the Vaya Tele blog at the time.

I honestly cannot imagine Dani Pedrosa and his mentor, Alberto Puig on certain TV sets, for example, but…. I must repeat myself and make it clear, even if it sounds tiresome, that we are not pre-judging anyone with this article, We only remember that what was promised is a debt.

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