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Honda Scoopy SH300i, test (highway driving and passenger)
Honda Scoopy SH300i, test (highway driving and passenger)

A quick glance in the left rear-view mirror of the Honda Scoopy SH300i while driving in the acceleration lane of the highway allows us to see that we can join without any problem. The mirrors do their job perfectly and we have a fairly clear view of what is happening behind us without having to fiddle with our heads or elbows. Are you subject? Gas!

We gain speed with enthusiasm and forcefulness, and quickly we get to the maximum that the road allows us. We have power to spare in the right fist so even if the road chops upwards, the Honda will hold the 120 km / h marker without flinching. That if, from the three figures, the total absence of aerodynamic protection will begin to take its toll quickly. As an option, we have a screen with independent protection for the hands as an option that will improve the Honda Scoopy SH300i significantly in this section. But be careful because the screens anchored directly to the address always generate parasitic movements in it.

Again the Honda Scoopy SH300i offers us a firm footprint and forceful even if we are cornering at maximum speed. We will only have to be a little careful with the typical bathtubs on supports, which is why we commented yesterday that the suspension is tared a little soft and it becomes quite bouncy. For the rest, its behavior in this area is flawless and it will allow us, if we live far from the city center, to use the fast ring roads in complete safety.

Honda Scoopy SH300i, a duo

Honda Scoopy SH300i

We arrived in time to pick up our passenger and together with him, we are going to try the Scoopy but in this case accompanied. At first glance and despite its apparent limited space in the seat, the posture is very comfortable and there is enough to travel in relative comfort. In the tested unit, the luggage rack and the rear trunk had been removed, so the two rear handles were not present either. Even so, our copilot did not complain about its lack and commented that its location, if it had been, was ideal since hands would fall naturally about them.

In the Honda Scoopy SH300iUnlike other scooters, the passenger has a few specific footrests for him on the triangular and folding sides. They are aesthetically very beautiful but perhaps in a way that is not too suitable if you have large feet since they are not a platform on which you can support your entire foot but not a footrest in use in which you can fully hook the heel. Even so, it is not difficult to find the right place to wear comfortable feet and in this case, you will never disturb the driver's feet as in the case of carrying them on the platform as well.

Honda Scoopy SH300i

Duet, the soft rear axle is even more noticeable If we are driving fast, so if you are going to use the motorcycle a lot with a companion, it is recommended that you increase the preload of the rear shock absorbers a little, to gain a little firmness. In terms of performance driving in this way, again the behavior is impeccable and there is enough to move with ease on any terrain, be it road or highway and even so, maintaining good agility in the city.

We stop for a coffee and talk about the impressions the Honda Scoopy SH300i is giving us. For this we have two options: or put it on the center stand or on the side leg. Although its weight is around 170 kilos, It hardly presents any difficulty to raise it to the easel. We stomp and if we want, we can help ourselves a little with our right hand, pulling up on the back.

Honda Scoopy SH300i

If instead we decide to leave it on the side legWe must bear in mind that we do not have a parking brake so it will have to be done on level ground. Still, the leg spring is hard enough that it takes enough force to fold it in and the tilt is enough to keep it stable.

I don't have much more to tell you. Well yes, how about the cargo space, consumption and some details that are always in the pipeline, but that will be on Friday.

To be continue…

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