Sway Motorsports, Electric Trike for Newbies
Sway Motorsports, Electric Trike for Newbies

The truth is that there is not much information about the invention, but seeing the promotional video that they have published I think we can assure that it is a pretty fun tricycle. The Sway Motorsports is a design born of the restless mind of Joe wilcox, a young engineer who has worked for NASA and MIT designing everything from spacecraft interiors to a suit for astronauts when they go into space.

The idea could be said that it is very similar to the Piaggio MP3, but with a wider track that allows more inclination than the Piaggio tricycle, which seems to give many more options when it comes to "do the donkey" be it on ice, dirt or sand. Looking closely at the video it seems to me that some of the prototypes we see is powered by an internal combustion engine. Engine that has all the earmarks of having come out of a small displacement scooter. But very cleverly, in those images we do not hear the ambient sound. In return, the latest versions seem to be powered by an electric motor inserted inside the rear wheel.

Looking at this, it occurs to me that if you can install enough batteries to power three motors, we could get a pretty cool all-terrain vehicle. Although I cannot imagine a race of these tricycles on an enduro track, or a moto-cross. If not rather I imagine it as playful vehicle in holiday areas.

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