A Harley-Davidson arrives in Canada washed away by the Japanese tsunami
A Harley-Davidson arrives in Canada washed away by the Japanese tsunami

Let's put ourselves in a situation. You go out with your quad for a spin, to discover and explore a little the environment that surrounds you. To have fun for a while on beaches far from the hand of God, where tourists never arrive and only known by the locals. It's one more weekend, one more time breathing the ocean air mixed with mud. until you come across something that is not usually there. A figure of several meters and angular appears in the middle of the sand. Time to call Iker Jimenez? No, don't worry. Seems to be just with container.

But curiosity is obviously killing you and you decide to open up to take a look. What you find is the last thing you would have thought: a Harley-Davidson in "near perfect" condition. This is a true story, that of Peter Mark, a Canadian who was on the beach of Graham Island when he found himself with such a surprise. Upon checking the motorcycle's license plate, the authorities were able to conclude that it was one of the units of Miyagi prefecture, badly affected by the tsunami in Japan last year.

Apparently, the force of the water carried the container beyond the island and the ocean currents did the rest. Knowing the license plate number right now it is looking for its respective owner While the machine continues to rest in the place where it was found, access to the beach is really difficult.

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