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Tommy Hill, one in a million
Tommy Hill, one in a million

When on February 9 26 years ago Tommy Hill was born no one around him ever imagined what fate had been preparing for him. This is not the story of an underage world champion, it is not that of a child-like rider who rides motorcycles at 300km / h, nor is it that of a precocious record-breaker. His story is that of a fighter, that of someone who has received so many blows at his age that anyone in his right mind would have retired to lead a normal and smooth life, watching the bulls from the sidelines, passive. His last name is not Nieto, or Cardús, or Bradl, or Pons … He would have to carve out the reputation of his name, he would have to open doors with results. That nobody was going to give him anything was something he learned when he was very young, when he had barely lived ten springs in Beckhenham, his home. That's when a fatal motocross race accident gave him the first big warning: Boy, this isn't going to be easy.

Tommy fell to the muddy mud being hit multiple times by various pilots that they met Hill by surprise on the way. He was quickly taken on a quad bike to the medical center where they simply believed that it had been one more fall. However, the pain this time was much greater and the promising ten-year-old pilot could hardly breathe. They kept repeating that he would be fine until the blood began to flow from his mouth. Transferred to the nearest hospital and after tests and operations Tommy was without spleen and without one of the kidneys. Always being accompanied by Penicillin would not be the only obstacle in the young Englishman's career.

Tommy Hill with the R6

He knew how to move forward, recover and return to two wheels to show that he could achieve his dreams. As if it were a birthday present at 16 he changed discipline and focused on speed on asphalt. And the truth is that it did not seem to give him anything bad because only a couple of years later he had won the Yamaha R6 Cup.

Year after year, he made a name and a place for himself in the British scene. He did not go unnoticed and in his first season on BSB he became the youngest driver to start from the front row in the history of the championship. A) Yes, Ronald ten kate started a project with the aim of getting the best British pilot for their ranks. It is a hard and crude story, which will sound familiar to many. At the end of 2007, Hanspree Honda signed the two greatest talents of the islands: Jonathan Rea and Tommy Hill. They were later joined by the Northwich pilot, Craig jones.

Tommy Hill at Nurburgring

It was a year to forget. Tommy, as soon as he got into his 600cc on the first day of testing, he suffered a terrible fall in which fractured femur, ankle and hand. This injury left him KO for the first five rounds of the championship and To come back, at the Nürburgring, luck hit him again, involving him in a crash with several drivers involved where her femur gave way again missing the whole season. He lost his health and the opportunity to stand out before half the world.

It was not the only hard blow for the team as, unfortunately, they had to face the tragic death of Craig Jones at Brands Hatch. After this, one can understand the motivation of someone like Johnny Rea.

Luck is reserved for those who seek it

Tommy Hill in the penultimate race

All my life I've had to hear that I'm a lucky guy. In absolutely all areas of life. With every little thing I got, the rest was attributed to always capricious luck. I, who can no longer help laughing when they tell me, I answer that luck is reserved for those who seek it, for those who do not give up those who fight and rise from each blow they receive. And every day I am more sure of what I say. People like Tommy show it to me. It only takes a couple of years to go back in time to figure it out.

The year of the premiere of the imported Nascar system, the year of the first Showdown. The one from Surrey then ran under the colors of Suzuki Worex fighting for each race in a spectacular heads up with Ryuichi Kiyonari. They made it to the last test, the last race at Oulton Park where the champion would be decided. So even was it that the Japanese tied on points with Tommy before the last event, 525 each to 524 for Josh Brookes. The first of the day's three finals went to King Kiyo, pushing Hill to the limit. It fell in an impossible double overtaking taking James Ellison ahead. But he got up. One lap later he lost his grip on the same braking and rushed against the wards promoting the red flag that definitively snatched the possibility of winning the title.

Tommy Hill in 2010

Tommy Hill in 2006:

The fair champion of the British Superbikes 2011 in probably the most exciting race in its history. He got up after every fall. He recovered from every injury. He started again from scratch when some already saw him finished. Only a few pursue their dreams. Fewer continue after them when they are slapped by fate. Only one in a million does. And that one is Tommy Hill.

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