Stéphane Peterhansel returns to the desert, with a Yamaha R1
Stéphane Peterhansel returns to the desert, with a Yamaha R1

It looks like a photomontage but it is not. And without a doubt it is one of those "crazy adventures" that is hard to imagine, even with the photos in front of it. Thus, from Yamaha Motor France it has had the "insane" idea of ​​putting a ten times Champion of the toughest rally in the world, like Stéphane Peterhansel, to plowing through the dunes of Merzouga in Morocco on board the less ideal motorcycle for this task. A Yamaha R1 special edition 50th anniversary.

I guarantee that one who has surfed those same dunes of Merzouga, and that from the images that they show us, they surely belong to the Erg Chebbi desert. It seems to me quite a feat to advance just a few meters with a motorcycle that does not have any ground clearance for that purpose, with enormous power and excessive weight.

Carved tire

The only substantial modifications that can be seen on the bike are on the rear rain slick tire, they have carved it by hand, much more footprint so that it is the closest thing to mounting a knobby wheel and thus being able to have a minimum of traction. They also talk about a modification to the handlebar but I can't decipher its purpose.

Peterhansel jump in dunes

Once again, French magazines, like in this case L'Integral, which takes the photos of such a fantastic adventure on the cover of its 91st issue, give a review of the magazines published in our country with their ingenuity and good work. Even though for the extreme traveler Sjaac Lucassen, tackling the desert sands with a Yamaha R1 had occurred to him a long time ago.

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