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Cristóbal Guerrero wins the second round of the National Enduro in Almería
Cristóbal Guerrero wins the second round of the National Enduro in Almería

The second quote from Spanish Enduro Championship took place in the Almeria town of Antas. The tour. Very drool, selective and with a lot of dust, he put more than one pilot of the absolute category in serious trouble, demonstrating the good work in the premiere of the Moto Club 100 Miles in the organization of a national test.

Again there was a lot of international participation, not as much as in the first date but there were well-known names like Ljunggren, Knight, Blazusiak, Curvalle, etc. However, the victory went to a home driver, Christopher Guerrero (KTM), the fastest in the E2 category and also in the scratch classification. Tadeusz Blazusiak (KTM), second in E2 was also it in the general while Joakim ljunggren (Husaberg), repeated the triumph at E3 and took third place in scratch.

Enduro 1: first victory for Lorenzo Santolino

Victor Guerrero (KTM) AND Lorenzo Santolino (Husqvarna) were dividing the best times in the timed sectors until the little one of the Guerrero ones got stuck in the mud and lost any aspiration to fight for the first position. Lorenzo Santolino thus achieved his first victory.

Santolino has not had it easy either and could have finished higher in the scratch classification if it were not for an unfortunate chain start on the last lap of the extreme that forced him to push the bike to the timing line. Gonçalo Reis (Gas Gas), very attentive, also knew how to take advantage of the mishap of Victor guerrero to be awarded the second place.

Enduro 2: victory for Cristóbal Guerrero

In the E2 category the fight was divided between Christopher Guerrero and Ivan cervantes (Gas Gas), who were also dividing the best times until Iván hit a good stick in the extreme and was even on the point of leaving. In the end, he lost about a minute and then another seconds on the next special stage that brought him down to third place.

The specialist in extreme enduro tests, the Polish Tadeusz Blazusiak he found himself very comfortable with the harshness of the course and was able to take second place in the category and, as we mentioned, in the general scratch position.

Enduro 3: Joakim Ljunggren repeats victory

Swedish Joakim ljunggren he repeated victory, as he did in the first test, in addition to achieving third place in the scratch classification. Danny McCaney (Gas Gas) was the one who started by setting the best times until he was overtaken by the Swede after getting stuck in the mud on the second pass.

Oriol Mena (Husaberg) got second place and Aaron Bernárderz, with the TM, he was third. As a curious note, the equality in this category was maximum and McCanney, Ljunggren, and Mena stopped the clock in the last stage in the same second after eight hours of racing.

David knight again he had to retire at break your clutch, just like he did on the first date. Although everything seemed to indicate that it was a manufacturing defect, something does not seem to be quite right with the KTM of the Isle of Man.

Enduro 1 Antas Classification: * 1. Lorenzo Santolino, 38: 58'310 * 2. Gonçalo Reis, +00: 49'190 * 3. Víctor Guerrero, +01: 09'780 * 4. Arnau Solá, +01: 41'200 * 5. Marcos Barbero, +03: 33'430

Enduro 2 Antas Classification: * 1. Cristóbal Guerrero, 37: 43'870 * 2. Tadeusz Blazusiak, +00: 42'740 * 3. Iván Cervantes, +01: 21'960 * 4. Joan Barreda, +01: 55'820 * 5. Marc Solá, +02: 33'210

Enduro 3 Antas Classification: * 1. Joakim Ljunggren, 38: 41'950 * 2. Oriol Mena, +00: 13'070 * 3. Aarón Bernárdez, +00: 20'480 * 4. Danny McCaney, +00: 51'870 * 5. Jordi Figueras, +01: 41'500

Scratch Antas Classification: * 1. Cristóbal Guerrero, 37: 43'870 * 2. Tadeusz Blazusiak, +00: 42'740 * 3. Joakim Ljunggren, +00: 58'080 * 4. Oriol Mena, +01: 11'150 * 5. Lorenzo Santolino, +01: 14'440

Provisional General Classification Enduro 1: * 1. Lorenzo Santolino, 41 points * 2. Víctor Guerrero, 38 points. * 3. Gonçalo Reis, 37 pts. * 4. Arnau Solá, 32 pts. * 5. Marcos Barbero, 37 pts.

Provisional General Classification Enduro 2: * 1. Cristóbal Guerrero, 45 points * 2. Iván Cervantes, 42 points. * 3. Tadeusz Blazusiak, 37 pts. * 4. Joan Barreda, 32 pts. * 5. Marc Solá, 27 pts.

Provisional General Classification Enduro 3: * 1. Joakim Ljunggren, 50 points * 2. Oriol Mena, 40 points. * 3. Danny McCaney, 38 pts. * 4. Aarón Bernárdez, 36 pts. * 5. Juan Pedrero, 29 pts.

General Provisional Scratch Classification: * 1. Cristóbal Guerrero, 45 points * 2. Iván Cervantes, 36 points. * 3. Joakim Ljunggren, 36 pts. * 4. Tadeusz Blazusiak, 31 pts. * 5. Johnny Aubert, 25 pts.

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