Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Keko ochoa
Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Keko ochoa

The next stop in the interviews with the Mediaset team that will be in charge of retransmitting the MotoGP World Championship 2012 we do it with Keko ochoa, one of the familiar faces and of whom we already have good references when he was in charge at Telecinco together with Dennis Noyes of approaching the World Superbike Championship. Keko Ochoa will be in charge of carrying the bulk of the locution in the cabin with the support of the rest of his companions. But let's get to know it a little more.

Keko ochoa He is together with Dennis Noyes and Ángel Nieto another of those who has competition in his blood. With his first pesetas (yes, that blond coin that we had) saved working in the regional radio of Madrid as an exterior technician, he got fully into the world of motorcycle racing. His career lasted three races, when a guardrail at the Albacete circuit tore his liver and he had to be operated on in-extremis. From the UCI he promised his mother that yes, he would continue with the motorcycles but on the other side of the wall.

He began to collaborate in Onda Madrid and as announcer at the Jarama Circuit Tower. In 1994 he started working with Eurosport in any program that was related to the motor and little by little he drifted towards the World Speed ​​and Superbikes. In 2006 he would sign for Telecinco, precisely to make SBK known in Spain and it was there until 2009.

Motorpasión Moto: When was the last time you rode a motorcycle and which one? Keko Ochoa: Today, in my BMW GS 1200 Adv. And in competition in the Madrid classic motocross 2011 with a Cappra 250 VG.

MPM: Which drivers do you see as favorites in the three categories for 2012? K.O.: With regard to motorcycles, it is difficult to make a priori predictions. Also this year there are very important changes both in MotoGP and in the new Moto3. On paper, those who finished the best last year and have not changed category would be: * Moto3: Maveric Viñales * Moto2: Marc Márquez * MotoGP: Casey Stoner

But there are many more drivers who will surely win races and can fight for the title, Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies, Valentino Rossi, etc.

MPM: What was your last GP that you attended and what do you remember about it? K.O.: Jarama 98, a very young Carlos Checa won the 500cc race and I interviewed him on the podium. I was the "speaker" at Jarama. When I'm not working I like to watch the races on TV with a beer, which is where you find out about everything and they look great.

MPM: The seasons of Superbikes were forgotten, largely covered by the broadcasts of tabloid or pink programs from Telecinco. How do you remember that stage? K.O.: They were very beautiful years. At first most people didn't know what “mountain bikes” were, that's what some called them and then at the butcher shop they would already ask me about Rubén Xaus, Fonsi Nieto, etc.

MPM: You spent a lot of time with Dennis Noyes, what did a close relationship with someone like that brought you? And you to him? Tell us an anecdote. K.O.: Working with Dennis is like working with Stephen Hawking for a physicist. In addition to reading almost everything he has written, I remember seeing him race in the Jarama in the legendary Motorcycling Series. Look, look, that one with the “tripi” helmet is the American. How was uncle doing!

Once, during an SBK race at the Brands Hacht circuit, I asked Dennis if he had ever fallen at Brands and he replied: “If you put together all the falls I have had here, I could do a full lap on my ass."

MPM: Leaving SBK. What event would you highlight as the most important in the last years of MotoGP? K.O.: Undoubtedly the most important thing has been the technological development in electronics applied to engine management, reducing the role of the pilot in terms of piloting. This has also increased costs and the result has been grids with few riders in MotoGP. And not only that but only a small group of four, five drivers can choose to win races.

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