Ducati Desmosedici GP12 vs Yamaha M1 2012, styles and results
Ducati Desmosedici GP12 vs Yamaha M1 2012, styles and results

When Ducati decided not to bring Madonna de Campiglio her Ducati Desmosedici GP12 because she was not ready, I feared the worst and, how to avoid it, I felt somewhat disappointed. Since Valentino had landed in the red box they had not only abandoned their characteristic path with the Desmosedici but they already changed until the customs at the time of presenting it. A few months later we were told that the presentation gala would take place on March 19 in a special event and, furthermore, perfectly coordinated online through Facebook and its sponsor. At this point I asked myself, are we looking for the image or the result?

But I was happy to be able to see a gala of this style live and direct, why fool oneself. But I most liked the feeling of pride that the brand showed throughout the event. Yes, with Valentino as the main banner … but, is there better publicity than having Rossi in your ranks? I doubt it. If Il Dottore is famous for something, it is for arousing the sympathy and admiration of everyone wherever it goes. And that is precisely what Ducati does with its motorcycles when they are parked on display. Of course, this has not been liked by everyone, and the comparison comes when Yamaha unveils the M1 of Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo.

They pursue the same goal but with different paths. At Yamaha they look for effectiveness, savings, synchronization and finesse … all perfectly calculated to reach a good port. And we have no doubt that its two drivers will be in a position to fight for victory in every race. Ducati, as I did with the Panigale, strip of passion, style and heritage. Because despite the fact that many “traditional journalists” have been bothered that Ducati puts them on the same level as the rest of the fans with the presentation, the truth is that with this the Italians have once again won the sympathy of the audience. Sympathy, by the way, which is increased thanks to two characters as outgoing as their pilots.

Their philosophies are reflected in the designs worn by both bikes. The Yamaha looks incredible with those lines, respecting the blue tone of recent years, a color that on the other hand has brought them great joys. At Yamaha they do not change despite what their main sponsor sent. They have not dared, they have not wanted to risk it. At Ducati, they have called out to the nation, their supporters, and represented them on their fairings by making an Italian flag displayed all over the Desmosedici's bodywork. The first goal? At least in my opinion, certainly in the hands of Borgo Panigale.

It remains to be seen where the real result is, the one that counts, that of the track. But for now at least they have managed to get oil out of a situation as negative as the delay in its presentation surrounded by snow. By the way, you, which one do you want?

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