Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Lara Alvarez
Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Lara Alvarez

Just yesterday the Mediaset MotoGP team which is going to broadcast the MotoGP World Championship races to us this year. And how could it be otherwise in Motorpasión Moto we are going to present these days to the members of that team. Yesterday we published the interview with Pachi Rosés and today we are going to publish the interview with Lara Álvarez, the journalist who will be at the foot of the track with Marco Rocha and Ángel Nieto, trying to convey all the news and impressions that arise in the Paddock. In a little while you will be able to read the interview with Mela Wednesday.

Who is Lara Álvarez? Well, according to her own words, Lara Álvarez started working at Telemadrid when she was 19 years old, in the second year of her degree. It was presented by Nieves Herrero and made reports, surveys, a cultural contest from a plane … anyway! A fun start … and from there I have gone little by little, Animax (from Sony Television) reportage program, Teleasturias (economy program "savings and finances") Marca TV (Marcagol, Tiramillas, Marcarec, soccer fans, The auction …) La Sexta Deportes (second edition newsletter) Four (“what do you want me to tell you”) “Los Manolos” (sports newsletter 4) and now Telecinco (Motorcycle World Cup)

Motorpasión Moto: When was the last time you rode a motorcycle and which one?

Lara Álvarez: Two days ago, in the Ducati of Mela Wednesday, his devil …

MPM: Which drivers do you see as favorites in the three categories for 2012?

L.A.: Maverick Viñales (bike 3), Marc Marquez (bike 2) and Stoner / Pedrosa in Moto GP.

MPM: What was your last GP that you attended and what do you remember about it?

L.A.: My first GP is going to be Qatar… really looking forward to it! Because it is getting eternal … I have not been lucky enough to attend any of them so far, but from Qatar, I have everyone! I'm lucky

MPM: Your career has always been linked to sport and once again you find yourself facing a mostly male sport. Do you have any kind of fear about it or on the contrary do you see any advantage?

LA: So far I have not had any negative experiences (and I knock on wood because it continues like this …) Sport seems to me to be the most "pleasant" option within journalism … except for a few occasions in which sports tragedies have occurred … the rest of the time the news is kind. I face this new challenge in motorcycles with great responsibility, enthusiasm and with the respect that motorcycling deserves, the riders and of course the spectator (whether male or female)

MPM: Your RTVE predecessors managed in a short time to move around the paddock with self-confidence and learn things that until then they did not know. more technical aspects?

LA: We collect the legacy of RTVE, how well it has managed to carry out its work in the broadcasts, and of course, it serves as a reference with the fantastic team that made it possible … Everything that is learning motivates me a lot … in mechanics and whatever it takes. There is no new knowledge left over! So I arrive with a very open mind and hands very predisposed to getting grease stains! Hehe.. in fact, I have already stained them, I have seen the guts of several competition motorcycles.

MPM: Do you like the feeling of speed?

L.A.: The sensation of speed seems to me to be one of the adrenaline kicks out there … as long as they are lived responsibly and do not endanger anyone …

MPM: Would you dare to take a ride around the circuit riding with a MotoGP rider?

L.A.: Of course! I would not like to finish the World Cup without feeling something similar to what they feel when they compete …

MPM: If you had to choose your favorite driver, would you focus solely and exclusively on his sporting career or would you take into account other factors such as his sympathy, charisma or nationality?

LA: When it comes to reporting during the races, we must be objective and not give an opinion, not let ourselves be carried away by sympathies or antipathies … transmit the information as it happens, so that the spectator is the one who can give their opinion freely, without being influenced … even if one Once we turn off microphones and cameras, I have no doubt that there will be pilots with whom we understand each other better and others worse… hehehe. Like life itself!

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