Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Mela Wednesday
Interview with the Mediaset team for MotoGP; Mela Wednesday

We continue with the interviews with the team in charge of the broadcasts of the MotoGP World Championship and the rest of the categories of one of the world's biggest motorcycle shows. This past Thursday it was presented the Mediaset MotoGP team and at Motorpasión Moto we are giving an in-depth review of this entire group of journalists. It is the turn to Mela Wednesday who will have a role as a commentator in the cockpit with the teacher Dennis Noyes although he has freedom of movement to bring us his opinion or that of the pilots where required.

Madrilenian by birth, boasts of being 34 + 2 years old in tribute to his great idol, Kevin Schwantz. He began his journalistic career in the newspaper AS in 1996 with only 21 years passing through sections such as Real Madrid and the Spanish soccer team. In 1999 he debuted with motorcycles in the year of the coronation of Álex Crivillé as 500cc World Champion and presented him with the national flag for his lap of honor. He sings other alegrías like Emilio Alzamora's title that same season. Alternate stages in AS, Cadena SER, 40 Principales and Onda Cero among his extensive experience.

Motorpasión Moto: When was the last time you rode a motorcycle and which one?

Mela Wednesday: Today and it was in mine, a fantastic 1,200cc Ducati Diavel that I consider absolutely exclusive having had the honor of being signed by Valentino Rossi, on the tank and on the tail. It was last year, at the MotorLand circuit in Alcañiz, and those rubrics add value to my Diablesa, as I like to call her, which will make us never separate from each other. And that Valentino asked me after three races had I signed it if I had already put it up for sale on eBay… No kidding. La Diablesa is not for sale.

MPM: Which drivers do you see as favorites in the three categories for 2012?

M.L: Fortunately, the potential of the Spanish drivers allows us to dream again of a historic triplet like 2010, when Lorenzo, Elías and Márquez made us the masters of the world. For MotoGP, if the injuries respect him, I believe in Pedrosa, if only because fate owes him at least one title of the queen class, but always with the permission of the champion, Stoner, and Lorenzo, to whom if Yamaha gives a motorcycle to the Honda's level of the two mentioned can be invincible. That said, Pedrosa or Lorenzo. For Moto2, it is clear to me that, except for a surprise, Márquez, no matter how much he was unable to do a normal preseason due to double vision problems. And in Moto3, there are more unknowns because it is a new category but, according to what we saw last year, the best rider on the grid is Viñales, for talent, courage and youth.

MPM: What was your last GP that you attended and what do you remember about it?

ML: The last one of last season, that of Valencia at the Ricardo Tormo, and the memory cannot be other than the tribute to the late and longed-for Marco Simoncelli, but also the achievement of the 125cc title of Nico Terol, a hard worker who He deserved such a joy and that he knew how to overcome adversity, in the form of injury or breakdowns, and overcome the pressure of being the undisputed favorite.

MPM: You are one of the great surprises of the Telecinco MotoGP team. What will your role be in the broadcast? Will it affect your work at the As newspaper?

ML: I will be one more commentator of the fantastic team that Telecinco has formed, starting from the cockpit with Keko Ochoa and Dennis Noyes, but with freedom of movement, and I will try to contribute my passion for racing, with my characteristic point of madness and irreverence, depending on the moment, while exploiting my good vibes with the pilots and also the freshness of someone who has no television experience. In short, trying to be myself. And regarding the AS, you should not change anything. There we will also continue at the foot of the canyon, yes, more supported than ever by some fantastic colleagues from the Motor Section from the Editorial Office, because I am the one who signs the information from the circuits, but there is a great team next to me who captains' my brother 'Raúl Romojaro.

Mediaset team

MPM: If you had the opportunity to modify the MotoGP regulations at will. What would you do?

M.L: It would drastically reduce the influence of electronics, even if that meant less performance for motorcycles. So you could see more group races and fewer unbearable little trains, with skidding and sack whipping, just like in the old days. That would go through something as simple as a single switchboard, but the main brands are against it. I believe in CRTs as a formula for the future and in the return to 1,000cc, because it tends to do just that, in addition to reducing costs …

MPM: What has been the funniest anecdote that has happened to you during these years traveling from one end of the planet to the other?

M.L: I have a lot of them, but the most famous is the one that I accidentally read to my colleague Miguel Serrano from TVE. We were in Assen, two years ago, watching the momentous match of Spain against Chile during a barbecue that was held at the Repsol hospitality. At halftime we were already winning 2-0 and Miguel was out, ready with the microphone in front of a camera and three of his colleagues who were inside told me that he was recording, that he screwed up the shot doing some funny … And then I came in like a bull, jumping behind Miguel, yelling Spain, Spain, Spain and even getting between him and the camera. I only stopped when I saw that those who were behind made a face of wanting to kill me … Then I understood that I should not be recording but live. I took off and they told me I was on the newscast. I wanted to die and I apologized to Miguelito, who did not kill me because he has affection for me from the time he was an intern at AS, at the same time that I started laughing because it had been something bizarre. Those who were at Repsol and saw it did not believe it and burst out laughing, starting with Álex Márquez, Marc's brother, who reminds me of him every time he sees me. After the anger, the TVE colleagues took advantage of it and repeated it several times, even slowing down the image and going back and forth. I know that one day something similar will happen to me and I hope to react like the great Miguel Serrano as well.

MPM: Has there been any race or overtaking of the last decade that has especially marked you?

M.L: There are many, but in short, the one that served to give birth to the legend of Por Fuera, that is, the exterior that Lorenzo made at the beginning of the last lap of Río 03 to Pedrosa and Stoner before achieving his first World Cup victory. He may be the journalist who has believed the most in Lorenzo's potential from the beginning, and that maneuver was terribly enjoyable and I was absolutely right. There are many more… The one from Sete to Rossi in the last corner of Germany 03 that I saw at the foot of the track in that same curve, those from Rossi to Stoner and Lorenzo in Laguna Seca 08 and Montmeló 09… We could spend days talking about it.

MPM: Comparisons with RTVE's work last year are going to be multiple. Are you aware of what a large part of the fans think that they don't give you even the smallest margin of maneuver? Do you think it can affect you?

M.L: I honestly don't care what they say. Neither non-constructive criticism will sink me, nor will easy flattery make me believe it. I have ordered a special edition raincoat to cover me from top to bottom and make me slip all over. Maybe I shouldn't say it, but that's the way it is. Regarding the colleagues of RTVE, I know that they have set the bar very high and I congratulate them for the work they have done over the years. I will miss most of them, for the good personal treatment that they had, and I wish them the best of luck in what they do. They are good professionals and they will show it again at the Olympic Games.

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