Design of sports motorcycles, where do we come from and where are we going?
Design of sports motorcycles, where do we come from and where are we going?

It's been coming into my head for a while now, sitting down to share some reflections with you after looking at pictures of motorcycles from earlier times, especially this last month. Although I must admit that in this design I can only give you my opinion. I am not specialized in the matter but there is one thing that strikes me about all this. More than one thing, one word: Rules. Or standards, if you prefer. Because it is clear that one thing is free design and creation without ties, (small gatherings that I have about this with a family student of Fine Arts), and another very different thing is to have rules to respect. Market rules.

ANDl design has to drink coffee with marketing every morning, I think we all have it clear. The variables are infinite. Year and time in which you live, geographical area to which the product is destined, profile of the potential buyer, etc. Market and social studies that create niches of people to those who are aimed, in this case, motorcycles. The daring and innovative, those who follow the trend, etc. A very interesting world, I have no doubt. But today I feel, as I like to say, on the sidewalk, and we talk about exhaust pipes, fairings and tailpipes.

Kawasaki ZXR 750 Stinger

For suggestive colines and fairings, this Kawasaki ZXR 750 Stinger from 89-90. But of course, here the regulation returns to remind us that things do not look the same depending on the age of the one on the other side of the screen. If you are between 20 and 25 years old, you are likely to put your hands on your head wondering what does that "trunk" escape there. If you are almost in your thirties, you may look at it with a little more permissiveness and if you are in your forties you are taking time to look for a basin to collect the trail of drool that you are leaving on the ground.

Regardless of the use of materials and technology available at that time, it is curious to see the shapes that ruled the 90s. More square but with little sharp edges. Although the weight distribution compared to a current motorcycle is different, the visual effect, in the case of the Kawasaki ZXR, is to load weight on the rear axle. Especially for the bulky exhaust and for the little stylized, which is not ugly, colín. The fairing and the air intakes on the tank gave a muscular and massive appearance.

Kawasaki zx6

From 2000 it seems that things have changed as can be seen from the lines of this other Kawasaki ZX-6R 2006. The change is more than noticeable and we are going towards very round shapes. The visual effect of loading weight in front is evident to the point of eliminating the exhaust and placing it under the seat of the long-suffering passenger. The fairing is tried to be flush with the tank using fibers or dark plastics that do not attract attention. In the flattened dome the change is quite noticeable.

Here the twenty-somethings may think that things are not so bad and is even interested in the 136CV model that Kawasaki brought to the market. The one who is almost thirty is in his sauce enjoying like "a pig in a puddle", worth the vulgar expression. The Forty man does not disgust the Ninja either and recognizes that it would not interfere at all in his garage. It is the one that has the most aspects in common with all of them since it is in the middle point.

Kawasaki ZX10

And actually You can see how the kilo of ZX-10 is. Slim and sharp. Funny, many brands bet on the low cut exhausts. In competition they are used, (another very important variable) and fit with the lightness that is given to the rear quarter. Parts are no longer needed to trim fairings, they would look like love handles. Our model is an arrow that also he is biting his cheeks from the mouth.

Sure, here the 20-year-old is supposed to be congratulations. I say is supposed, that there is everything. Otherwise our young man may have been born in a year that did not touch him in terms of tastes. Record that depending on what things, it has happened to me have the feeling of being in the wrong time. The 30-year-old frowns, sure if he took the ZX-10 for a spin he would have a different opinion. The puretas, (I include myself with love and arrogance in this "Select" parish), they are going to tell you that for very good figures that of the Kawasaki ZX-10, that you keep its impeccable technical sheet.

Not to mention that Can not generalize, Sure. Surely there are people of 40 and even almost 70, (I know one), who pull Ducati 999. On tastes there is nothing written, obviously. As I said at the beginning, I think that it is very well understood what the evolution of the market is in terms of design and freestyle. Regarding the pure market, the question is: What awaits us in the coming years for sports?. I honestly have my doubts but I think that the Ducati 1199 Panigale may be setting a new trend, at least, "off the cuff", as seen in this other article.

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