MotoGP 2012: Casey Stoner starts ruling at IRTA Jerez
MotoGP 2012: Casey Stoner starts ruling at IRTA Jerez

The MotoGP to Sherry, and how excited the server had here to be able to see live and direct the pilots who in this 2012 promise to make us get up from the armchair on more than one occasion. And if you are thinking that it will be just as boring as the previous one, with a Casey stoner Dominator, I already tell you that judging by what has been seen today it will not be so clear. Yes, he has made the best time of (and was the fastest in the Sepang practice), but he has achieved it in the last few minutes of the session, snatching it from a Jorge Lorenzo who has led the table all day, followed very closely by Dani Pedrosa. So things are looking pretty good for the start of the season.

And before delving a little more into what happened on the track, I would like to say that I have had an absolute scandal having the opportunity to experience it all at the foot of the track. I still get nervous when I head for the gate of the Jerez circuit, a feeling that of course I love. Lots of atmosphere in the paddock, even if it was only Friday, and a more than friendly and pleasant attitude from all the pilots, very close at all times, something that is appreciated. And now we go to the nougat …

Valentino Rossi IRTA

As I was saying, the fastest of the day was Stoner, who stopped the clock in a time of 1:39.146, which is not bad at all if we take into account that when he did it, it was a very annoying wind, a wind that has been the main protagonist of the day. Finally, and after an almost perfect day (in the absence of the best definitive time) Jorge Lorenzo has shown that this year his Yamaha it's not that far from Sling, and that whatever is missing he will take care of putting it on. His final time has been 1:39.419. Equally active at the top of the table has been Dani, closely following Jorge and achieving a 1:39.579.

In the fourth and fifth places we find the proof that it does seem that the Yamaha are better, since the fourth has been occupied by a Ben spies that you could tell with the naked eye that it rolled very fast, while the fifth was for Cal Crutchlow. We have to get to sixth to find the first Ducati, and no, it's not Valentino Rossi, otherwise Nicky hayden the one who has occupied it, while the Italian has only been able to be ninth (he cannot enter the curve as he would like) with his renovated and better decorated than last year Ducati Desmosedici GP12. By the way, a ten for Rossi in the paddock, who was surely the one who signed the most today.

For the rest, highlight the seventh square of Álvaro Bautista, that fell this morning without any problem, and the eleventh square of the always surprising and hardworking Randy de Puniet, what was the first CRT being even ahead of the Ducati satellite of Hector Bárbera and Karel Abraham.

Randy de Puniet IRTA

So far what has happened on this first day of practice in Jerez. Tomorrow of course there will be more and I will go back to take a little walk there to see what is cooked. Of course, it seems that the weather forecasts are still very windy and some droplets may even fall at specific times. We will see what he gives of himself and if someone manages to dethrone Stoner, who has been hooked to the first place and no one can lower him.

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