Triumph Scrambler girl for everything?
Triumph Scrambler girl for everything?

I have to admit that Triumph scrambler It is one of those motorcycles that every time it crosses my path I look at it with different eyes. At first I thought it was a totally useless motorcycle, a mere question of weight and performance led me to think that as soon as I stepped on a bit of dirt, all its weaknesses would be discovered. But with the passage of time, and some other video from the network, I go discovering that it is a more fun motorcycle than it seems. Besides being more versatile than I imagined.

As this video today shows, in which freestyler Ernie "EDUB" Vigil, who has what appears to be a long few months of experience with the British brand, shows us that the Triumph Scrambler is one of those motorcycles to which the adjective "girl for everything" suits her like a glove. The phrase "from track to dirt to date" seems quite accurate from what we can see in the video.

Let us remember that the Triumph Scrambler uses the parallel twin that moves almost the entire range of classic motorcycles of the brand with some minor differences. With its 865 cc, it provides 58 hp at 6,800 rpm in addition to a torque of 68Nm at 4,750rpm. It weighs 230 kg in running order and costs, according to the brand's official catalog, 9,595 euros. Now comes the million dollar question. How many of you who read us have a Triumph Scrambler in your garage?

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